puked yesterday !!!!!!!

well, as Ive said on here, Ive taken up cycling as a new sport and hobby. Ive been making great improvements and finding an activity outside mma that my back can tolerate.

It was hot as hades yesterday and I got on the bike and took some vengeance out. But something happened to me that hasnt happened in years. at about the 40 minute mark, I puked everywhere. All over the place. 7 huge heaves of gatorade. I had to ride home because no one was able to come get me. I dont know whether to be embarassed or proud.

BTW, can anyone tell me the physiology of puking from exercising excluding any meals taken too soon or sickeness ??? neither were the problem, I just rode so hard that I puked but I dont know why ?

Hummmm... usualy to eat/drink too much before exercises is not very good and can cause one to puke.

I believe that gatorate was made to drink after the exercise, not prior to it.

Fact is, when you eat, the body must enhance the blood flow at the digestive system in order to absorb the food. If you are exercising, the blood must flow to the muscles instead. I guess that when the effort is too much the body is forced to decide what is better. Suppose you were a zebra and was eating your grass. Then comes the lion, and you have to run to save your life. I guess running has more priority in the instinctive level than eating.

But that´s just my opinion...


I never puke unless I'm sick.....

Playing football I've seen many pukers. I can remember one lineman that would run while puking. He wouldn't stop, he would just throw up all over himself in mid stride. I always thought he could drop dead at any moment from choking on his own vomit.

I didnt feel ill or anything before. I think I just really pushed my body ( which ive done always and love to do ) beyond some limits. I usually ride hard for 60-90 minutes. I can understand why people think cycling is gay. Stage races are comparable to running a marathon a day for three weeks. There isnt the impact on the body which is good for me but cardio wise, they have to be the best aerobic athletes in the world.

I assume you were sipping the gatorade while exercising. If so, it is possible you overtaxed the systems (way to go!).

When a human being exercises, and actually pushes into the higher levels of performance, the GI tract goes into a "stand-by" mode (except for the liver).

Given the high level of heat (and I'm guessing humidity as well) plus the apparently kickass workload you put on yourself, your body faced a choice;

A) continue keeping the body cool so I don't over heat and continue pumping the legs so that creature behind me doesn't eat me


B) turn off the muscles and activate the GI tract to digest.

It properly chose A and rejected the gatorade. Vomiting, while costly in water is the most effcient way of expelling waste. I've done it 3 times over 10 years. Its fun to visit pukie now and then.


thanks, I thought it was something to that effect. I try to vary my workout intensity. I was trying to go hard because I had some previous workouts that led me to believe I was ready to let it go. I was sipping gatorade during the ride. I had a half glass of water before, so I think it was hald gatorade, half water. I feel great today so Im off for another ride. Work starts soon, so Im trying to get some good rides and improvement in the next 3 weeks and have some gut wrenching rides. about 2 weeks ago I had an explosive ride. havent been able to come close.

cycling is a very complicated sport to achieve max performance. Im trying to bolster my knowledge. Im a novice really so Im just trying to build a base and condition myself and train correctly as my time will be limited during the school year. Puking made me stop and think for a bit on WHY ? I see old folks just pedalling slow. Some for a couple hours. I like to get after it and make the most of the time. I have a ton of hills in it and finish on a relatively flat area so Ican recover and also do some tempo work. Thanks for the info.