Pull-up improvements

I can barely do one pull-up, if I am fresh and the wind is blowing just right.

I can do a few chin-ups.

how can I increase my pull-up numbers?

I've been trying to do negatives regularly, GTG style, but that ended up killing my shoulder.

do I need to break down and get bands?

thanks, Xen!

Greasing the groove mehtod worked fine for me and my little brother (aged 16). He went from max 2 pullups to max 15 pullups in 3 weeks.

"do you have access to the chin bar most of the day or only at the gym?"

I have a home chin/pull bar. It's readily available. I'm already trying to do GTG style negatives a lot.

for pullups, yes. chins are closer grip.

"Greasing the groove mehtod worked fine for me and my little brother (aged 16). He went from max 2 pullups to max 15 pullups in 3 weeks."

it worked fine for me before when I wasn't such a fatass.

when I do pullups, it's like i have a 32 pound weighted vest on due to the extra lard I am trying to lose.

Chin ups allow you to fully activate your bicep because your grip is supinated. Improve your chinups and your pullups will also improve.

RoR, I weigh 215 and I can do about 20. Go to failure on the chins at least once a day. Also, if you have access to the gym, do pulldowns on the machine with a lighter weight. This will help a lot. Dumbell rows, and pretty much any other lat/back excersize will help.

Once you can do 2 or 3 pullups, just do a few sets every ime you work out, and your numbers will improve.

Keep doing chins...try doing partial repetitons along various points of the ROM...This works tremendously well. Also, give reverse curls a shot as an assistance lift; if you can do chins but not pull-ups, it seems like your brachial group is the weak link.

Read the Lots O Pull-ups page on my site.

How do rack pulls help your chins?


I talk about using bands on my blog:


Scroll down a bit.


Jumping pullups are good too. Use your arms as much as possible, but let the legs do enough of the work to get your chin over the bar.


Doug is correct...jumping pullups are also an asskicker of a workout. It's either a jump-assisted pullup, or a pull-assisted squat.

Either way, you're getting it handed to you.

Scrap is correct :) I can do plenty of pullups, personally, but i still do jumping pullups. Its a great workout. Add them into a burpee, and you're toast in less than 5 minutes. lol.