Pulled a Maine Moose (Cow) Tag TME

hahahaha truth

Congratulations! That’s huge. Literal and figuratively!

Good idea. Hopefully some OGer has a good reference for you.

Maybe search for a hunt club in that area? See if they have a forum. Might have some good resources. Even government site might have links? Not sure what Maine is like

You just don’t realize how big those things are until you’re standing over one.
They’re bigger than elk, and a bull elk on the ground is when and where the fun ends and the work begins. Its exhausting just getting it ready to carry out…

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That’s out of my jurisdiction….

But if you wanna hunt pigs in southern Maine hit me up. 1:15 AM on wharf street you can’t miss :drum:


I will learn that this year as well as I have a bow hunt in Idaho Unit 50. Expecting to see nothing so if I even see elk I will consider it a win.

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Just beware of the skinny black bears