pulled my hamstring

Did it sprinting on sunday. Did it once b4 2 years ago. What can i do to help heal it faster and more importantly, what can i do to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!

Did you stretch sufficiently before sprinting?

sled pulls, lightweight hip ext movements

various stretching protocols


you probably did it mostly by not having your foot land directly under your hip. pay very close attention to your mechanics. the futher your foot lands in front of you from your hip the more likely you will be to break stuff

also do not stretch (staticly) before your sprints, do some dynamic warm ups, high knee walking, straight leg kicks, tuck jumps a 400-800m jog and also gradually increase your sprinting speed. dont just start your workout blasting out a few 100m's. do a few starts when your only go 30-40m. then run a few 100's at 60-75% capacity paying extra close attention to mechanics. also pay close attn to how long your foot is on the ground, you want it to be less like running and more like a series of quick single leg explosions off the ground. make sure to "step over drive down" meanign bring the trail foot up and over the lead knee as it comes forward and make sure the foot lands directly under your hip, keep your torso erect to your hips but have your body tilted kinda slightly forward. then when you are fully warmed start going full tilt.

That last one was good. i did indeed stretch b4 and during. My leg prolly did come out to far. haft 2 keep that in mind next time. How do i help heal that bitch now?

Atecexa has highstepped the correct. Good post, I'll use that!

Eating a Big Mac before you sprint could be an injury preventer as you'll have no energy to push yourself plus you'll be too busy puking to tear anything but your stomach.

Good luck. Injuries suck!

stretching before is actually counterprodutcive as it weakens the muscle and ligaments. a light jog and some dynamic warm ups are the best thing. stretching is for post workout cool down and recovery days

yep get some big ice packs and just sit straight legged right on both of them or have someone wrap them around your legs. chances are if you hurt one to the point of noticable pian you probably damaged the other one as well to some degree