Pulled open old chair.....stuffed with human hair?

Working on an old carved chair from the 1870s(allegedly), when I opened up the backrest it was full of hay and what appeared to be human hair....a shitload of it, as in, it had been stuffed with hair. Anyone know anything about this? Phone Post 3.0

Haunted chair obviously.

Probably horse hair, like old boxing gloves have.

You sure it's not horse hair? Phone Post 3.0

Horse hair no? Phone Post 3.0

you have to fuck the chair ghost.

I thought you said stuffed with human chair... I opened this thread with much more caution than I should have Phone Post 3.0

It's well known that in the olden days, individuals infected with pubic lice were shaved and the hair was sold to pillow makers and the like.

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BuddyBones - Don't go to sleep nigga Phone Post 3.0

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