Pulled Pork Shoulder on the smoker help pls

Been a while since Ive done this. Im reading 90 minutes per pound. Im doing 2 shoulders, each weighing 8 lbs so im guessing 12 hours total cook time? I plan on rubbing it the night before with mustard and some bbq rub. Sitting in the fridge overnight.

What temp do you pull it off the grill at? I think I used to pull it off at 195 and sit it for a couple hours. Id wrap it around 165 and throw it back on the smoker before placing into cooler to sit. Sound right to the bbq gurus here? Any other tips or methods would be appreciated thanks!


I let it go all the way to 203/204 degrees. If I wrap it’s around 175 or so, when it stalls. I don’t worry about the cook time really, when it’s done it’s done


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If you stick to that plan you’ll be good.

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I did about 100lbs last month for my daughters grad party

When the probe goes in like jelly youre good. Going by time is risky


I start poking around 200-203. It’ll feel like poking nothing. Then a long rest.

Plan for 9-12 hours, depending on many factors. Keep it wrapped in towels in a cooler if you are worried it’ll be done too early. It’ll stay hot for a long time that way.


Agree go higher temp. When probe has no resistance pull. Agree wrap in foil after stall. Two 8lbs is same time as one 8#, as long as they’re not touching. FTC for 3-8 hours afterwards. It’ll still be hot. You got this. Nothing easier than pulled pork. Most people pull it off too early


For cheaters, you can do the rub prep and do the entire process in a slow cooker. I learned this last winter when I wanted pulled pork during a blizzard. The results are pretty decent, you just miss out on the bark and smoke.

Nobody complained even a little bit.

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thanks guys. I have people arriving so yeah I understand probing for doneness but I have to make sure I can ballpark a time to feed everyone. Ill put it on before I go to bed or wake up crazy early if I have to

this is a dumb question but if I have 2x 8 lbs butts, I use 90min x 8 to calculate the cook time, not 90 x 16 right?

Correct. They’re cooking individually

I’d go 2-4 hours early because can FTC for a long time. It’s better that way anyway

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thanks brother

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do you guys inject your butts with apple juice or apple cider vinegar or anything like that before putting them on?

I don’t. Most smokers won’t need that. But if your smoker runs a little dry then can. Just usually not worth extra effort.

Rub it, out on a rack in fridge until ready to throw on.

Do you have a couple sauce recipes to use?

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no i dont and im having trouble finding good sauce. Totally down to making my own. Fire away if you have any suggestions! Much appreciated

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Imo zero reason to buy sauce. Cheap and easy to make. Taste better too.

Here are a few from Aaron Franklin. His espresso sauce I make a lot

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ok great im gonna try this. Can you use coffee? I dont have an espresso machine but I can get some if I need to. Thanks for the tips Ill try this and report back in a week

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is the middle one just a normal bbq sauce?

Here are some by Meathead

Everything is a guide. Make it, see what you like or don’t like, tweak next time