Pulling Guard In MMA?

Why Dont the Fighter's use this strategy anymore?

It seems wiser to pull guard then stand up and take
a beating.

the Andy Wang fight comes to mind he is a blackbelt but desides to strike and gets pounded because he is so predictable.

If you are a Purple belt or above it would make sence to jump guard but todays fighters are trading shots and hunting the top game allowing the better striker /wrestler to predict the jiu-jitsu fighters game plan and land heavy shots aswell as defend the takedown.

What are your thoughts on pulling guard because it seems like a better option then trading blows aswell as gassing on takedown attempts?

You have to be able to clinch to pull guard.


The fighters clinch many times and still do not use it the only fighter using it right now is Aoki

On top is ALWAYS better.

agreed on top is always better but if you dont get it your phucked

At high leveles most guys are gonna be hard to submit or sweep. If you pull guard you are giving up rounds 90% of the time.

Even then, if you are way behind in the third you might as well pull guard, but as said earlier, you have to get the clich first. That may sound simple to a person who only trains grappling, but when you're fighting MMA and your opponent is circling 6 feet away from you throwin jabs and straights, getting the clinch is tough and dangerous.

Shoot, pull guard beneath the sprawl, work the X guard sweep, get top and win.

or, do the team Penn and throw over hand right, close distance, take back and finish.

Yes.^^  Babalu/Chuck.

most don't pull because want to give an exciting fight[more stand-up],but to me , an intelligent fight is exciting....

A lot of people dont like the ass kicking that results from pulling guard.

Plus, its not very manly in MMA.

TRJ is correct. It's not the best idea to pull guard, only to be smashed against the fence.

Also, the shoot to guard pull still only works against guys willing to take the fight to the ground, Without a gi it's tough to shoot, roll and grab faster than a guy can sprawl and stand up.

The fact is pulling guard is a bad idea 99% of the time in high level MMA.

If Aoki is fighting a wrestler that is fucking him up standing and he can't even come close to taking him down either, what should he do?

Continue to strike with him?

Continue to shoot?

or pull guard?

If you say pull guard, then why wouldn't it be the right choice for any fighter found in this common scenario?

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i say go for a standing sub

flying triangle can be used for getting guard

rolling kneebar

i think if you make it something exciting to take it to the ground it wouldnt be frowned upon

shooting to pulling guard is also not as bad as just leaping up and hanging like a baby koala till the other guy gets tired of carrying you around or you not pushing the fight

Brennan just won his match tonight pulling guard.

oh yea imo

Eddie, if Aoki pulls a wrestler into his guard, someone who is good at grappling and positioning and keeping thier weight distribution correct, wouldn't you expect him to get hi ass pushed against the cage and GnP'd? much worse, imo, than standing and staying away from your opponents strength.

TRJ and JRwannabe said it best.

"Spider, have you ever pulled guard in an MMA fight and then got fucking smashed by a brutal GnP? I have, it fucking sucks. I never pull guard anymore."

When Aoki or Nog pull guard they never lose to a brutal ground and pound.

Why is that?

Nog and Aoki always pull guard.

"frowned upon"

When Aoki or Nog pull guard it is never frowned upon.

Why is that?

you know the answer

its like when randy couture gets a takedown on sylvia and people boo a standup

but for the pure beauty of the sport id like to see an offensive move made to get it to the ground

5 minutes rounds + the cage make pulling guard a losing strategy for most fighters. Especially the way UFC awards points for laying in guard and throwing pitty pats.

if someone pulled guard and right away went for the armbar or triangle and at least gets a catch

then i could see it being offensive