Pulling guard without penalties???

In Judo competition,
How do you pull in guard without being penalized???
Tomoe nage? Flying armlocks aloud??

By going to a BJJ competition instead?

you would have to fake it like go for a tomonage then work from there.

you also have to keep in mind if the guy disengages while you are in the guard & he is standing you'll be force to stand up agian.

i personaly pull guard only when i hit the mat. exs. if i get thrown i try to fall stomach first, as i fall on my front i'll try to pull guard or stand up. what ever is open so like that i don't leave my self open to attacks on the ground

Thanks man!! Anyone else??? There is no jiujitsu competition where I am at....

there is NO honest way to pull guard in judo. if you try a flying armlock time after time and have no success the refs will penalize you for false attacks or something. if you do shitty tomoenage's or sumi-gaeshi's the refs will penalize you for false attacks.

the false attack penalty is made for people like you. aka.. people who think you can just walk into a judo tournament without a clue about how to actually do a throw and use your bjj newaza skills to just win.

questions.. how are you gonna avoid getting your neck broke when you get slammed? how do you plan to use your submissions in judo when white-belts (which you would obviously be fighting against) cant use them in tournaments? how in the hell do you expect your jujitsu to even be any good at all when there arent any tournaments in your area to test yourself at in your own field?

go away. you are wasting our time with this garabge. stay home and stay safe. you are asking to get your neck snapped at a judo tournament.

Seek: I'm definitely with SuperMarioSak, go learn SOME Judo. The breakfalls will be of utmost importance to you and will truly help you IF you get launched. I say if because depending upon your background(maybe wrestling)you may win a lower level local tournament with your combo of BJJ and wrestling or whatever.

Be safe and respectful and you will always be welcome at any Judo tournament you go to. I'll leave you with a couple of my own pointers:

1) escaping a good Judo players pin is harder than we make it out to be in Jiujitsu. Several of my Jiujitsu students have been shocked at the difference in pressure brought to bear by my Judo students who know good Osaekomi.

2) You will need to move A LOT faster in Judo newaza than you are used to in BJJ. Progression and advancement are the name of the game in Judo...you don't know how to take it up a notch you will be stood up.

3) Most importantly have at least one throw that you can do well enough to make yourself look competent in Tachiwaza.

Good luck to you and I hope we all can be of some help.


"how do you plan to use your submissions in judo when white-belts (which you would obviously be fighting against) cant use them in tournaments?"

Actually that depends on the state cause here in Michigan you can do all legal subs at white-green level.

As to this post..

Please re-think the reason you are doing sport judo though. If you want unlimited ground time without being penalized, go to NAGA, go to GQ, something like that. It is more suited to what you want to do.

At the level you will be entering what will you get out of a win? A gold medal in the white-green? Thats like a special olympic medal.

Try to beat people at their own game, the satisfaction of that is great. It makes that gold worth something, even at the lower level.

At MFC we strive to beat people at their own game and we believe until you do, you are not the man.

That is where the motto "Anystyle, Any where, Any Time" comes from..Sure, sometime you come up short, but you have proven far more than the person who wins at their own game, for they took no risk.

It's like a BJJ guy thinking he is tough because he beats a sport judoka in BJJ (or vice-versa)..Who took the risk? Who is the man? I say the Judoka in this case, as he had the nuts to step outside his comfort zone and challenge the man at his own game..

Sometimes, winning is losing and losing is winning.

im not being hotheaded on this one. not at all.

the guy obvioulsy has no judo background and made absolutley no mention of wanting to change that. its clear becuse the guy doesne even know the most basic rules-- is pulling guard is illegal.

all he wants to do is fight in a tournament and do newaza. well, too damn bad cause that not all that judo is about.

guys like him go to judo tournaments thinking they can handle their own, lie about their training or ranking or club, buy a JI/JA/JF card after some complaining, step onto the mat only get injured badly and then bring up lawsuits later.

if you guys dont see the obvious risk in this than i suggest you look at the latest lawsuits USA Judo has had to deal with-- thats exactly what they are coming from.

i would never ever enter a bjj or karate or whatever event without sufficient training at an academy and without knowing the rules for myself.. i dont think any of you would either.

im not the one being hotheaded or unreasonable, you guys are being too "allowing" on an issue that COULD lead this guy to getting his neck snapped, literally.

how would any of you feel if that actually happened to this fella, or anybody who came here asking what he is asking, and took your advice that all he needed to know was a few basic rules?

i know i'd feel terrible. i dont know that i'd be able to stand myself after that. i might be a prick, but im honest and truly dont want to see him getting hurt.

go to a judo club and learn judo. then compete in judo.

"how in the hell do you expect your jujitsu to even be any good at all when there arent any tournaments in your area to test yourself at in your own field?"

that's hotheaded? LMAO. you are so sadly wrong its unreal. answer the question for him then, or for anybody in the same position. its brutally honest, deal with it. im not saying he sucks, but if he doesnt even know how good he is in his jj how in the hell can he expect to hold his own with people who are playing by completly different rules in a game that he doesnt even train for????

i could see if a top-notch bjj fella wanted to come and do judo, thats one thing. this guy doesnt even know where he sits in his own realm. then again, a top-notch anybody in anything would go and train for something rather than just jump-in like an idiot. its the fellas who THINK they know what they are doing (or those who have good intentions mixed with complete arrogant ignorance) who end up getting their necks broke.

and, telling him to go away isnt hotheaded either. its letting him know that until he is willing to put in the time and effort that we shouldnt deal with him. thats common sense, common knowledge, based off of a respect for what you are trying to do and others already do.

maybe you need to stop smelling the flowers of the bjj and judo are wonderful together and see what dangers lie ahead when people want to enter one wihtout knowing a damn thing about it. you obvioulsy havent any respect for how incredibly easy it is for people like him to get injured really badly in judo, or cause injury to another. if you did you wouldnt care what words i used to get my point across.

Just wanna ask a rules question.

No hands on the face, is this LITERALLY the face or can I for example, pull up on someone's forehead to try to get a choke?

Yep literally. Not even the forehead. That is why hadaka jime (good ole rear naked choke) isn't seen all that often, if ever.

i remeber a couple of months ago there was this bjj guy at a judo tournament. i think he said he was a blue belt, & wanted to compete in the brown & black. the tournament directed said fine but first he has to compete in the wht-green.

he faces a guy from my school who is a wht belt with about 4months of training & gets caught with a half ass taiotoshi. you can tell that this guy had no stand up training at all he didn't even tucked his chin or anything when he fell. the director asked him if he still wants to fight in the brown black & he said yea.

well he got rocked very bad with a uchimata-kouchi combo. then with a kosoto gari which he got some hang time on.

i give him credit for competing, but for him to think he's gonna waltz his way in the brwn-black was just plain dumb

MitsuyoMaeda wrote:

"At the level you will be entering what will you get out of a win? A gold medal in the white-green? Thats like a special olympic medal."

For those of us who who started judo as old men, those special olympics golds kept us coming long enough to add some depth, if not some skill, to the brown/black divisions!

I'm gonna go hide now!

i couldnt agree with you more.. but i took what Q was say in refernce to somebody with a bit more youth and vigor-- somebody who is more akin to the fella toeism described above. =)

the face is defined as the entire "mask" of the face. so, if you drew a circle from just in front of the ears and followed it down the bottom of the jaw line and back up to the "normal" hairline that would be considered the face in judo.

more or less just make sure whatever you do is either as far back as the ears, below the chin and at the hairline level.. youll be fine then.

Thanks Joshua.

You know, ive always wondered about the facial mask rule too. Is that just limited to hands on the face, or the whole body, because if you arm bar someone you are obviously in their face. One of them things i never did ask to have clarity on over the years.

Good question, would a gogoplata be OK if they'd tucked their chin and the foot was across their chin til you could work it under their neck?

hands and feet are not allowed to enter the mask fo the face. if its seen as incidental contact the ref will either call matte or just ignore it. if it is done in a manner to gain control or advange it is a shido.

you are also not allowed to choke with the belt, shin or foot.

Thanks again! I guess that rules out me using a gogoplata then! (A move that I don't even know how to perform!)


 OK, this is the part you don't want to touch.

(just trying to help)