Pulver & "Crazey Monkey" :)

Just a heads up....Theres a thread w/ Video on the main "Underground Forum" titled "Pulver vs. Puder", which has some video of their fight and what looks like Pulver working some Crazy Monkey very effectively.


FYI, Pulver won via TKO in Round 3.


Where was the CM on New Years Eve?

He sure could've used it!

From the CM I've seen, it's very dynamic that has quite bit of movement in it. Much more like what Rampage did in his fight with Chuck Liddell.

I saw Pulver shielding, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as CM. Also, I think his posture was too upright for "textbook" CM.

But, I defer to the experts here.

4 Ranges,

I never said it was "good" Crazy Monkey ;).


From what little I've seen of CM (as demonstrated by rodney king), I think it's really, really effective against certain types of opponents in certain scenarios.

I don't think what Pulver was doing was "bad" CM; I think it was shielding (using one arm to cover, one arm to counter). From what little I've seen of CM, it uses both arms to shield, head movement to create better defensive angles, and a concave torso to guard (or discourage) against kicks to the body. Based on this, I wouldn't call what Pulver did as CM.

but, again, I defer to the experts.

Pulver was using what looked liked CM against Gomi. His defense was relatively tight and he landed some effective counter punches. Gomi was consistently a step ahead though. Plus Jens wasn't blocking the body shots effectively.

Clinch and hit would have probably worked better for Jens in that fight.

I dont know... i think what Pulver did looked a lot different from CM..

I have heard that Jens has used something that looks like CM in the past...I didn't see it when I watched this fight. He just looked like he was using a high guard to me.

Come on now. Pulver or Rampage win = CM rules! Pulver or Rampage loss = flying of the bandwagon.
CM is the bomb, win or lose, if it makes you better. Sheesh.

Again, I've heard others say that Jens used something like CM in the past. Prior to this Pride, I haven't seen him fight since he left the UFC, so I can't comment on that. All I can comment on is what I saw in this fight.

I thought Rampage was doing a pretty nice job with a CM-like defense until he tried to defend knees from the double neck tie with it.

I wish I could check out some of Rory's more recent fights, I have heard he has used CM quite effectively, especially to set up the clinch.

If anyone knows where to purchase vids of Rory's recent fights, I'd love to hear about it!

Gomi was beating Pulver to the punch, his liver shots and shovel hooks looked like they hurt. If you watch the tape, Gomi caught him with a left hook to the jaw, this was preceded by multiple shovel hooks to the body which brought Pulvers hands down prior to the short hook to the jaw. Definitely not CM.

I can't get the above link to work, anywhere else I can get the video link?