Pulver Dirty Boxing DVD

People on this forum usually have great reviews of DVDS. Has anyone seen this one yet?

Haven't seen it but I do recommend the Rodney King Street Tough gym and/or SBG videos! He gives you more then dirty boxing!!!

Portuguese, . I will try and get Rodney's SBG DVDs soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

I can take a guess. I am trying to an answer stop harrasing me.

On the same note i checked out shamrocks clinch tape from the same company and i was slightly impressed. Did give me quite alot of new ideas to work with eg kicking the legs from the clinch to set up knees. As with all of franks material i think its too ideal but hey he has the results. There is some worthwhile stuff, buy it if u got some money to spare but if u dont try and borrow it lol

*laughs along with T for the same reason*

Thanks for the info. I wish I could borrow it from somoene. I borrow tapes from T, and I don't think he is getting it anytime soon. :)