Pulver IFL fight to be televised?

Anyone (IFL) know if the Pulver fight is going to be televised on next week's broadcast?  I would like very much if it was.  Thank you.

It was a one sided but whooping IMHO, and CJD you should call me you have the number

They should show it, if nothing else, so we can add it to Jens' highlight reel. Cole will be back though, he's tough.

Never wanted to take anything away from Cole, you have to be a gamer just to get into the ring with someone who has Jen's credentials. I'm sure he'll be back and be better for the experience, just pointing out why it may not be televised.

Icedog I want to thank you again for the donation to the charity, and big props for the product shout-out on last nights IFL debut!

TTT for best quards in the biz!

I'll call you tonight, after I get back from the Dr.