Pulver loss kept BJ from retiring for good in 2002

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                                Pulver loss kept BJ from retiring for good in 2002

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                    <p>&quot;Everybody was for their art, and representing their art,&quot;&nbsp;said BJ&nbsp;Penn. &quot;I was there for Jiu-Jitsu.</p>

"I just wanted to do my three fights, Joey Gilbert, Din Thomas, Uno, Pulver, beat Pulver, get the belt, stop, never fight again and just teach sometimes, be a business man, regular person living a regular desk job," said BJ Penn. "Then when people say, 'Oh, the UFC,' and I say 'Oh yeah, I used to be the champ one day, way back in the day.'

"But, then Jens beat me, kept me in around the game forever, all the way until today. I really was going to retire if I beat Jens. I would have won the jiu-jitsu world championships and the UFC world championship, but Jens beat me and kept me around the sport all the way to today, kept me going. Trying to avenge the loss my whole life, still to today, that night, just trying to avenge that night, you know. That's just how it is though.

"At the end of the day, I know after the whole ride is done and the whole UFC thing and the whole living the dream and all that is done, I'm going to go back to what I wanted to do in the first place which is to teach at a gym and do seminars. So, it's all going to come full circle in the end."


 I love BJ Penn (no homo)

Wow. UFC 35 Throwdown, Pulver as 3-1 or 5-1 underdog....good toughness on Pulvers part and extending BJ's MMA run as a byproduct.

Loss = Win

Legend right there.

Sure. I don't believe anyone talking in hindsight like that, let alone BJ Penn Phone Post

Crazy to hear that he was planning on hanging it up after Pulver.


 Awesome.  I love BJ Penn.

Teddy KGB - Legend right there.

. Phone Post

slugshot331 -  I love BJ Penn (no homo)

Me too. Phone Post

mmavixen -  Awesome.  I love BJ Penn.

. Phone Post

Good interview and whether he would of retired after beating jens who knows. its probably alot easier to say looking back on im sure.

but, a few years later when MMA went big time and the purses got bigger he would of came right back and been at the top of the ladder anyways.


In that order. Phone Post

Bj Phone Post