Pulver shows anaconda to reporter at PBR

and talks about Faber fight.

 Jens is pure class.

Jens is the damn man. He's an excellent spokesman for the sport.

Everytime I see Jens interviewed it sounds like he wants that 145 lb title bad.

i want jens to win so fucking bad, i just don't see it happening

she's rawt i wouldn't mind choking her with my anaconda

I think Faber will control Pulver but Id like to see him KO him

All class indeed, I want Jens to win but Faber is the favorite. Either way its going to be one hell of a fight...

Jens can end it at any damn second with that left, no doubt about it.

MoreThanUFC - He whips out his anaconda? I dont wanna see that.