Pulver vs Uematsu on 3-22-04

I am a big Pulver fan, but Uematsu is the MAN at 145.

This is going to be a GREAT fight.

great match-up

pulver better train on Leg locks or its going to be a very short night for him.

Pulver didn't do too bad against Uno and I think people agree that he's a pretty good kicker and grappler.

Pulver vs. KID would be good...

Pulver vs Kid would be SICK!!!

go Jens. good luck champ.

"did uematsu lose to bao quach? i'm pretty sure, i will have to look it up. with that, i'd say pulver has a good chance of winning. but shooto's judging is pretty weird so anything can happen. "

Shooto's judging is fine,there are less questionable decision in Shooto than there are in UFC and Pride.

Bao did beat Uematsu,but that was when Uematsu was in a slump. He is in top form again.

"I am a big Pulver fan, but Uematsu is the MAN at 145. "

Why do you say everyone is the man at whatever weightclass?

Pulver vs. Yamamoto: bombs away.

Pulver better watch his legs

"who is uematsu? "

Uemastsu is one of those most exciting grapplers in MMA, he's arguably the best leg lock guy in the bussiness and has mean thai kicks and throws

Gunjin Ex not to come off as rude but why do you and Ryan G give everyone who gives there opinion on Shooto the "Pid Bull" treatment?

I just have an elitist attitude,that's all.Some things like "shooto's judging is weird" are completely untrue.Some things are just annoying,like a few weeks ago Kazper was like "Kid Yamamoto is the best fighter at 145 blah blah blah".Most people just lack knowledge of Shooto,which is why I have to inform them,and sometimes I'm mean when I inform them.

I'm glad Jens is fighting for Shooto . There is a ton of talent waiting to test his skills in Japan . And with Jens being on top for sooooo long he will get everyone's best shot . I hope he doesn't take any of his opponet's lightly as the 143 lbs. Shooto division is loaded .

just because I say Uematsu is the "man" doesn't mean I think he's the best.

I have been a Uematsu fan ever since I saw him submit Uno with a leglock in under 20 seconds. KID was the best at 145 (while the real Uematsu was out)

Pulver had a punchers chance, but Uematsu's standup defense is good, and as people on this thread of already said has very good kicks. His ground game is insane.

Uematsu beat Kazeta and Toita in his last 2 fights, he's on a roll.

Uematsu by submission.

Before he got ill, Uematsu was THE slickest submission guy , barnone.. not even Sato or Sakuraba were that slick

Pulver has a K-1 style fight against Eddie Yagin at Superbrawl, and a boxing match later this month.

To be honest I wouldn't be thinking about anyone other than Uematsu.

Imanari is the guy you're thinking of. Imanari and Uematsu are the two best leg lockers in the game.

Uematsu has been around for a while. In addition to great leg locks, as mentioned before he has great kicks and throws. His positioning from the top, his guard, and his armbars are also top shelf. He's an all around fighter. And super exciting.

Uematsu by leg lock.

Or mayeb you are thinking of the Shooto rep who fought in ZST? Oishi the Jackal?

I have only seen Uematsu's fight against Gilbert but was very impressed with his fighting style and his attitude.


Is Pulver's fight this Saturday going to be NHB or Muay Thai?