Pulver won't go the distance

I think he'll either win by knock out or get submitted/Ko'd

Agreed, Hilo Boy takes this

I think BJ will win as well, but I am going for Jens

Rooting for both guys to put on a good show, but my money is on BJ for sure.

left shoulder remeber!

smart money is on BJ, he really needs to win, im sick of him dominating a round then losing

Rteing for Jens but Bj will win...

Penn DQ'd. Armbars Jens at the bell but doesnt let go this time.

Jens will continue the trend of upsets and KO BJ in round 2.

I want to see a good fight, so no way will I be disappointed unless they reenact the Shamrock/Severn debacle of UFC 9.

I want to see Jens' hand raised at the end of the fight, no mystery there. I've been a fan of his since the end of the last century(his win over John Lewis), and I'm no fair weather fan. As far as I'm concerned, this is the rematch for the belt Jens' never lost. GO CHAMP!

Has BJ ever been KO'd?

nope...he's never been KO'd
not in the ring or the streets :)

I think this is going to be a hell of a fight...there is years of build up behind it...

I remember a couple years ago, I thought the only way I was going to see these two rematch was if they headlined a Rumble on the Rock. Now here they are with a complete season of a TV show to help build up to their match. Amazing where mma has gone in just a few years...

I've felt sorry for Jens for being so diminished in recent years,and would like to see him win, but I can't see him as competitive.

StretchPlum, 2006 UG Miss Congeniality

Jens takes this

People said the same shit about Jens when he fought BJ the first time, then the Penn riders (my god where they fucking horrible) where completely shocked. The only ones who came on pitifully tried to say shit like, Pulver tapped to the armbar that was extended as the horn sounded. I am hoping for a barn burner, I like BJ a lot more than I did then but you gotta route for Pulver too. I would not be upset if either one wins this fight.

War Pulver

i expect bj will walk right over jens, but i'm lighting votives and mortgaging my soul hoping pulver will win.

whatever it takes- satan, jesus- hook it up.

bj penn would be a hell of alot better if his cardio was better but i say pulver takes this 1

This goes to a decision for sure. BJ will gas, Jens finishes stronger and wins the fight.