Pulver's Opponent is TBA

Shooto doesn't want to give Jens Pulver a big name, because it's his last contract on his fight. They want him to fight on december's shooto show, but they don't want give him a big name, because if he wins, he might leave the company.

On the other hand, PRIDE FC is pushing for Pulver Vs. Mishama, instead of Pulver Vs. Gomi.

What would you do, if you were in Jens Pulver's shoes?

*Heard this right now on mmaweeklyradio

if i were jens i would take the push for a fight with gomi thats a big one to win

who ever has the biggest check for me

TBA won't show up, he never does. He's been on every card but I don't think he's ever fought.

I often wonder why promoters still keep offering fights to TBA. He either drops out or they find another opponent for his foe EVERY time. He must have some good connections.


TBA-The Bad Ass

any fight in pride, thats the biggest event of the year, i think itd be prides first lightweight match theyve ever had, and would be huge for his career.

First lightweight match they've ever had? Did you miss all of the fights with Gomi? Mishima/Aurelio, Buscape/Abe, and Buscape/Imanari too.

A fight with Gomi or Mishima in Pride is MUCH bigger than anything Shooto can throw his way, except for Pequeno. But Pequeno is already fighting Kadowaki on the year end show.

Yeah I read that on Fightsport this morning. PRIDE is trying for Pulver vs Mishima.

man, I thought pulver/gomi was official


ryan...I think he meant pridefc not pride bushido

ryan...I think he meant pridefc not pride bushido

Ah, OK. I usually just consider them both to be Pride, with Bushido shows being similar to a UFC 37.5 kinda thing.