Puma about to be canceled?


As a Jew l loled pretty hard at the comment.


The comment was def the main reason I posted it.


You gotta give credit where credit is due.

I have a pair of pumas with that same black outline. A few months back i asked someone if they remind them of hitler. They did have a resemblance.

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I mean, seeing as the company was founded by an actual Nazi are we sure this wasn’t intentional? Lol


Great comment but that shoe looking like Hitler is a fucking reach and a half.

Son did not have long black hair and his moustache looked very little like that tongue decoration.

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I don’t think it’s clever anne frankly I don’t find it funny.


I think they look more like a young Burt Reynolds

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Do your feet hurt from your shitty sketchers?
Well you’re in luck!
The people at puma have the final solution for your footwear troubles!


Man lol. Clever stuff right here. The comment was the proverbial icing on the cake

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Solid joke, ugly shoes.

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Let’s toss Ford, Volkswagen and Porsche into the pile

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Lol, holy fuck

Don’t leave out IBM!
You know. The company currently helping with vaccine passport systems.

Puma and Adidas were founded by the Dasslers who were German cobblers so it might not be coincidental. Sneaker Wars is a great book if you want to read about how Adidas, Nike and Puma got started and competed.

They will give new meaning to Burning Man marathon.

Looks more like an outline of Edgar Allen Poe

josh lupien, i applaud this joke and your three og alt accounts

5k? more like 5 million!