PUMA Parkwood

Tonight was the first night back at training for the new PUMA Parkwood gym. It was a fantastic night and a real buzz to see some of the best grapplers on the coast all rolling together and having a great time. This coupled with Vince Perry's coaching expertise in Boxing and Jiu Jitsu it is certain that everybody at the gym will improve in leaps and bounds this year.

I totally agree Jaje,..it was a great start back to training and I'm looking
forward to learning some new tricks from you guys. Some hints of what
you learnt while in Japan recently showed when we rolled and I was
really impressed. Hope there's more tricks to come.

I think a new family has just started.

  • Juggs

i hope for your sake jaje that vince knows how to deal with the twister :p

juggs, does this make me the familys dirty old uncle that visits unanounced and exposes himself to everyone?

damn Coops,..I hope so ;P

  • Juggs

come sit on uncie mats lap then juggys my boy! :)

Will there be any bjj classes with the gi offered now at Shindo? ... if so might be time to shake the dust off the old Koral..

Best of luck to Vince, he is a great guy.


Must agree I had a good night, good to slowly get back into it.

Mr Sleaze...yes there will be. No classes are changing to the old Shindo
roster, Vince I believe is just adding some new classes. BJJ is now
upstairs. Call the gym for times.

  • Juggs

Its great to have PUMMA at both ends of the coast which has made us now double in size and a heap more people to roll with and everyone learning new tricks. 2005 is gonna b great