Pumpkin Spice Lazarus...Get off the internet

Jesus man you’ve been posting for like two days straight…for your sake stop…

Weren’t you complaining in another thread about how commuting to an office was a waste of time, time that could be used with your kids? Holy shit dude you need to ease up. And I mean it with sincerity. Go outside, stop arguing and not accomplishing anything. Live life a bit… You seem like a smart dude wtf are you doing wasting so much time here?

{insert muppet, hooplehead, brain sponge, ship to florida comment here}.


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Luckily I have that faggot on ignore so I luckily no longer see his manic autistic ramblings!


It’s my fault. I put his mania in motion. I broke him. I made this guy so mad the other day that he had to block me mid conversation and told me he wanted to dig up my dead dad to tell him his son is a fat faggot. He proceed to tell me he was not angry. He couldn’t handle me asking him why a guy he claims is stupid was able to so damn easily control is emotions and was able to get the exact reaction I was seeking, all while telling him in public what I was doing while doing it. He got flustered and these past few days are my fault and I regret nothing. His narcissism is the gift to the OG that keeps giving. I wild each it.


I’m not sure he’s broke or not, just not sure why he’d waste so much time here that could be better spent on his non-internet life.

It’s crazy I remember when I thought pumpkinspice was someone on the left who could have rational discussions and was a decent person. This was during Obama presidency. Once his side lost and Trump took office it broke his brain. He doesn’t resemble the guy I remember back then at all.

He is broken after coming to the realization he was getting messed with after the fact. He is also a tremendous source of entertainment here. Most guys are just in hyper troll mode on political burner accounts saying shit that they may not even mean. This dude believes everything he says and feels his ego is justified due believing he is right about everything. It’s great and has been a souce of entertainment for years. Never change, PSL. Shine on you crazy diamond.

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Why don’t you tell any of the overabundance of voluble, conservative posters here to get off the internet?

We know why.

You love your echo chamber.

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he can’t come to terms with the fact that he’s been fed a lie and he ate it up for years… it’s hard to admit you were conned…

speaking of people who need to log off

i’ve seen you tell this story more in the past few days than most have posted

I see you are obsessed with me despite me not caring whom you are.

Difference of degree, by alot. And notice I didn’t say anything about all left-wing posters? Your presence is proof this place isn’t an echo chamber, nor would I want it that way.

You think you know, but that’s just your emotions talking and clogging your cognitive abilities, so I’ll let it slide…

It seems like difference of degree to you, but it’s not.

My presence? One of a small handful? Pfff

Thanks for letting it slide, so that all you guys can continue your logical and emotion-free discussions on everything.

No there is…Pay attention…

Also no one is censoring anyone here so if people choose not to post here it’s of their own volition, no one’s excluding them.

He seems like a smart dude. Smart enough to be doing something else with his time and energy.