Pumpkin Stew


You have to be over 250lbs to make this.

You have to own at least 2 pairs of Crocs to make this

You must have owned a pick up truck before. An F150, a Silverado, something that says I could help you move, but I ain’t scratching my truck

You must smell like hotdog water to make this.

What do you have against stew?

Bunch of soy/kale salad eating faggots.

A pickup truck is one of the most logical and efficient vehicles one could own.

I would hate to live without one.

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Nothing against stew.
Those were facts.
Those were compliments.

Stop blushing over there, and post the rest of the pics.

I know you have more

I have never wore crocks in my life, and am currently a muscular 230 lbs.

This is holiday season comfort food.

And I don’t make it, my wife does – and it’s glorious.

Do you cook it in the pumpkin or add ingredients after?

I need to know.

The stew simmered on the stove, then transfered into the pumpkin and baked in the oven together so the pumpkin cooks with it.

When you serve yourself the stew, you have the option if scooping some of the cooked pumpkin into your bowl too.
The pumpkin is mild, and the stew is savory/sweet/mildly spicy – so they compliment each other.

Don’t have the recipe, my wife handles this one.
I just prep the pumpkin.

I can say that it has potatoes,carrots, tomatoes,onions and meatballs – made in a glorious beefy broth.
The meatballs are combination beef and spicy pork.

One of my favorite meals of my life.
Pure comforting sustenance.


Huh, interesting :thinking: