Punch mitts question...

When feeding mitts,I've seen people use the right mitt for jabs/crosses,and the left for hooks (Russ Enbar comes to mind). I've also seen a feeder use the left mitt for all the left hand punches,and the R one for all the R punches.

Is one better than the other,and if so,why?

I prefer the later as it allows me to check his jab return to his chin with my right hand.  


If I am throwing jabs only then I like to throw them to the pad-holders rear hand ie. right hand.

If I am throwing one-twos and combinations I prefer to throw my jabs to the pad-holders lead hand ie. left hand.

I prefer to have them throw left to left, right to right, as it allows me to counter naturally, because I remain in my natural fighting stance when holding. I do the opposite when working with a southpaw. With a southpaw I have them hit my right with their left and my left with their right. Its harder for me, but I think it works better. Hope that made sense.

 I was always taught to cross your puches on the mitts.

The guy I train with does straights to the right mitt, left hook to the left mitt

 I prefer to hit mitts the first way, but the coaches I have and myself when I'm holding mitts for someone use the second way.

First way just feels better because for example if you are doing a jab-right straight, both punches are on the same pad so your punches are right down the middle both on the same target.  But the other way, the jab is on the feeders left hand, and the straight is on the right.  Isn't very realistic to a fight where you are aiming at someones head, if you have to hit two pads that are a foot apart. 

My opinion anyway.  I'm sure their is pros and cons to each.

 Throwing J/C on the right pad allows for the puncher to step through the punches while the pad holder stays in the pocket.  It also allows for a more natural "straight punch" feel as if the J/C were actually coming straight down the pipe.

 A boxing coach that I was able to see a few times had no problem countering my sloppy shit when throwing straights into his right hand...with his right hand.

Early fifties, could kick my ass, Olympic coach, good guy.

I hit mitts with a few different holders. I by far prefer Right to their Left hand and vice versa.