Punched in the gullet.

Anyone know where the gullet is located?


Throat IMO.

Throat is correct.

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gul?let /ˈgʌlɪt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[guhl-it] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
?noun 1. the esophagus.

2. the throat or pharynx.

3. a channel for water.

4. a gully or ravine.

5. a preparatory cut in an excavation.

6. a concavity between two sawteeth, joining them at their bases.

?verb (used with object) 7. to form a concavity at the base of (a sawtooth).

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MattBenwa is correct..

So if I said "Im going to punch you in the gullet" he is the only one so far who would know how to block it...

I think it is important to brush up on your martial art terminology..Let this be a lesson to you all..


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Sucks but luckily my judo is fighting it off!


Sounds like you need to go to an ear/nose/gullet doctor.

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