Punching bags for apartments?

Anyone know of any good bags for apartment use? I supposed something free standing would be necessary. I know most of the products I've seen in the past sucked.

id hate to have you as a neighbor, dude

I'd try for something wall mounted like this one https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WLyy-YsUtUU/hqdefault.jpg

None. Phone Post 3.0

I had one of those standing bags that you filled with water. Absolutely terrible. It moved around like crazy and shook the entire building.

There are heavy bags on stands.

There is also that rubber guy with a sand filled base, which takes up less space than the bag.

Why not drill to ceiling joist? Just patch when you leave. Phone Post 3.0

your old lady?

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Unfortunately none Phone Post 3.0

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myersei - Why not drill to ceiling joist? Just patch when you leave. Phone Post 3.0

But hang with what, a chain? The noise to the upstairs neighbor would be bad.

i wonder if you could get a heavy bag with a top and bottom attachment and use like 5 small extra heavy duty bungees to attach at the top and bottom so the bag has give but isn't gonna shake the whole place

A punching bag will be unbelievably loud. The ones mounted to ceiling beams especially so, as they shake the frame of the building.

Get a gym membership. Phone Post 3.0

Are you up stairs or down? If downstairs, the only place that won't get you in bad with your neighbors is your patio, hanging from the above neighbor's patio. But even then, unless you hit like a sissy, your neighbor's are gonna not like you. You'd be better off doing leg kicks on the little trees in the complex. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I'm top floor so downstairs neighbors would hate me lol. Answers so far are what I expected.

Had one hung from a big hook screwed into ceiling in college. Neighbors said it wasn't that loud but could hear it. Said it was more me moving around than the bag. I tried to hit it when they weren't home. Phone Post 3.0

Hey OP:

Does your apartment have a common basement, e.g., laundry room or big storage space?

Perhaps hang one down there.

Reflex bag on the patio is about all I could suggest, and you'll still be a dickhead in the neighbors opinions.

I piss my neighbors off with a bag hung in my own garage it is so loud, never even bothered while in an apt.

http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/122074362836 Phone Post 3.0

Cargo Shorts and Bass Boats -

id hate to have you as a neighbor, dude

Haha this. I used to work with a guy who had a heavy bag in his apartment. He would get drunk and beat the shit out of it in the middle of the night. It wasn't free hanging either, it was the kind that hung from a stand. He said it made a huge racket and his neighbours would always come upstairs and complain lol. Phone Post 3.0

I've tried multiple times to get a punching bag in my apartment for the last ten years. The longest it lasted before I was forced to get rid of it was three months. I tried everything - wall mounted, free standing, ceiling mounted, replacing all the chains with heavy rope, and even put it out on the balcony.

Any contact to a wall or ceiling, whether free standing or drilled shakes the unit with the vibration. The noise itself gets echoed in that small area and goes right through the drywall.