Punching Machines!

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself while watching Pat Barry kick the shit out of that machine.

What really split my sides with laughter is how seriously you all are taking it, listing your supposed PSI from varied machines around the country, as if they are all precisely calibrated and nationally networked, so as to give you the same reading in Cali as they would in Texas.

In the words of an Arcade Machine Repairman- "The machine just guesses." 

A fool and his money are easily parted. 

 goes back into hiding

 Tom is not only correct (as per usual) but he has ALSO humiliated all of you!!!!

I would be surprised to ever see any post on the UG ever again!!!!

-OMA (tm): MMA icon and household name

cue the "it's real to me pic"

TTT 4 Tom

-Until Sides Split


 Just a bunch of people trying to look like they hit hard on the internet.

Notice no one on this forum hit under a 700.