"Punchy" MMA Fighters

After the whole Schaub Rogan discussion, I've been trying to think of any MMA fighters who clearly show some cognitive impairment already. I am sure we will see tons of guys as they continue to age, but now that MMA has been around for 20+ years, are there any well known fighters from the early days who already exhibit the signs?

I remember after Joe Riggs won Fight Master, his post fight interview took me off guard. His face looked way older than his 31 years of age, and he seemed to be having some trouble forming sentences without stuttering. I've watched some interviews with him since that don't seem nearly as bad, and I haven't heard Joe talk enough to know if this isn't just the way he has always talked.

Anyone know of any fighters that show it? Or know of any strictly MMA guys that have discussed any substantial cognitive effects that they have felt?

Ninja Rua

Griffen often sounds like he's got his mouth guard in. Maybe he's drinking a lot on the down low, but it sounds like brain damage.

Chuck Liddell Phone Post 3.0

The last time I heard Josh Neer speak i was def a little concerned of what he might sound like down the line. A lot of those old school guys who had a ton of heart & the jaw to keep going are the ones I worry about.

Ken Shamrock seems a lot less articulate than he once was.

Gary Goodridge

Forrest, Chuck and Riggs all have the broken nose voice....but I'm not sure if it is slurred speech.

Connor McGregor

He sounds like he's from somewhere in Europe instead of Boston. Phone Post 3.0

GSP has been abducted by aliens and loses time... Phone Post 3.0

Jon Fitch sounds off as of late. Phone Post 3.0

Diego Sanchez has gotten really bad Phone Post 3.0

Pulver is the scariest one I've heard. The problem is fighters don't have healthy lifestyles a lot of times so you don't know if it's from the alcohol, drugs, fighting or all three combined. I hear plenty of pillheads who have never taken a blow to head sounding punchy.

Chuck, Pulver and Goodridge for sure.

Stu Cazzo - Connor McGregor

He sounds like he's from somewhere in Europe instead of Boston. Phone Post 3.0
I lold Phone Post 3.0