Punishment In Paradise 3 & Lidell

Punishment in Paradise & Chuck Lidell Seminar!!
May 15.04 Campbell High School
12noon Iceman Seminar Starts/ 7pm PIP3 Fights Starts

Package Deal $60.00 for both events
Seminar $50.00
Fight Tickets $18.00 Advance/ $23.00 event day

Punishment in Paradise

175LBS. Kickboxing Rounds
Deshawn Johnson (HMC) Vs. Tommy Pastana (Team Pastana)

Kickboxing 3X 1 ½ Minute Rounds
Wayne Pierin Jr. (Team Big Dogs) Vs. Jesse Matilda (HMC)

125lbs Kickboxing 3x 1 ½ Minutes Rounds
Stephen Paling Jr. (Jesus Is Lord) Vs. Derwin Wright (House of Pain)


140LBS. Kickboxing 3x11/2 Second Rounds
Dominator (Bigdogs) Vs. Travis (Waimanalo)

135lbs. MMA 3X3 Minutes Rounds
Ryan Lee (Bulls Pin) Vs. Toni Rodriquez (Big Dogs)

165lbs. Kickboxing 3 x 1½ Minute Rounds
Oscar Kano (HMC) Vs. Ikaika (Backyard)

145lbs MMA 3x3 Minute Rounds
Jerome Kekumu (Hardknocks) Vs. Kevin Delima (Bulls Pin)

145lbs Kickboxing 3 x 1 ½ Minute Rounds
Dyson (BIG DOGS) Vs. Brandon Antonio (Jesus Is Lord)

135lbs MMA 3x3 Minute Rounds
Mark Oshiro (Bulls Pin) Vs. TBA

205lbs. Kickboxing 3x1 ½ Minute Rounds
Joshua Versola (Advanced Kempo) Vs. Val (Bigdogs)


180lbs. Kickboxing 3x1 Minute Rounds
Hokel Bailey-Paris (Team Bad Boy) Vs. Peter Kahamanui (E.B.F.C)

175lbs. Kickboxing 3x ½ Minute Rounds
Frank Robello (Advanced Kenpo) Vs. Blake Hottenberg (Kodan Kon)

150lbs. Kickboxing 3x1 ½ Minute Rounds
Randy Rivera (HMC) Vs. Tommy Laugamen (B.G.)

85lbs. Kickboxing 3x 45 Second Rounds
Chase Ahloo (Freelance) Vs. Cole Porlas (House of Pain)

Kickboxing 3x45 Second Rounds
Kawai (E.B.F.C) Vs. Kai Kamaka III(808 F.F)

60. Kickboxing 3x 45 Second Rounds
Tristen Pebria (E.B.F.C) Vs. Dido Rodiques (W.K.C)

Due to injury 2 TITLE fights will be postponed til ..

Monday Night Fights June 28.04

Bren...what happened to Molly's opponent?

Sorry more information check out www.onzuka.com & punishmentinparadise.com or email second2none@hawaii.rr.com


she was injuired so it was postponed for the first monday night fights!!