*PunishmentFC & TMT*

I was told a "significant investor" was finally found for the still un-announced PunishmentFC fight promotion. Originally, it was rumored that it would be a "cross-promotion". Most in the "know" were all but sure that this meant an MMA/K-1 style promotion would be in production soon. This quickly fizzled away when there were several closed-door meetings reported with several "higher-ups" in the boxing industry. (Interesting Note: A source said he knew one of them as "Al") I was told that the TMT-Advisors wanted to put out "media-feelers" before sinking-in an insane amount of $. Adrien Broners negative comments on MMA & FMM'S "interest" in "managing" MMA fighters serve as the first of many examples to come.

The main goal is to push "fighter-bidding" as high as possible as fast as possible. Tito will ride the Bellator tailes into "PPV-Land" & go on his own from there. In all likelyhood, Tito & Floyd will make a healthy amount of $ & promote several talented prospects before Tito retires & TMT returns to promoting boxing PPV'S.

I decided to write this publicly for several reasons. One of which is to slow a select few from using it as leverage. The other is....well, in my estimation, or maybe its my opinion, I want the future of MMA promoting/managing to be on a fair playing field. I love MMA... And to the main stream fan, the known corruption in boxing is only a VERY small % of what actually goes on...I dont wanna see MMA go in the same direction.

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Things that make you go hmmmm Phone Post 3.0

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Dana is already carving up a new grave stone. RIP.

Not sure.... More to come soon.

Tito is taking ghe "boxing" side of things while Rampage is getting a "foot-hold" in wrestling. We'll be seeing ALOT of high-profile wrestling agents as well as boxing agants entering MMA in the next few months.

Tito and Fabiano Iha had plans for their own org years ago.

I did not hear how that turned out...


I just can't see Floyd or his management team working with Tito Ortiz.

Trust me: Here comes Boxing & WWE.... Its already started. Phone Post

The factions are starting to pick sides. The "big dogs" have taken notice. Im reluctant to say it, but its not looking good for traditional MMA.

Yeah FMJ and Tito working together that will definitely work well . Phone Post 3.0

richer and smarter guys have come into the business who couldnt do shit.

LOGIC- Thats just it though. They tried to come in & didnt do shit...
These guys have been here & have done shit.

It wont derail or even compete with the UFC by any means, however, thats the point- its not the objective. Please dont confuse the situation as if FMM is making ANY of these decisions. Very smart people are running this show & they absolutely know for a 100% fact that going head2head w/ the UFC isnt practical or realistic. They've taken notes...they've seen the difficulties of trying to compete with an industry-cornerstone. This is where the TMT-Team & Pro-Wrestling come in. You dont need to enter another market when you already have one cornered.

Itll be interesting to see exactly how this starts to play out... Phone Post

Bingo- I would doubt aside ftom sitting ringside together during events for media-shots, they wont have anything to do w/ each other. Phone Post

Randy Couture
Quinton Jackson
Greg Jackson
Joe Warren

The names are growing QUICKLY...

Remember, FMW is "praying" for Anderson Silva.....