I work out at a Local Bally's.... I train with a few friends, and lift hard as fuck in the gym... Anyway, every day I see this fucking ugly ass, skinny little jewish kid with a yamaka on his head. Hes got little man complex. Hes super pissed at any guy who has any sort of muscle development. This fuckin kid wears all these Ken Wing Jitsu shirts and shit. I see him practicing his katra over in the corners... and while Im lifting i can see his beady little eyes staring at me, so Im quick to look over at him...and this bitch looks away real quick, then I see him do a shadow kata shit...maybe he thinks he can use that shit on me.

So last night I finally punked this kid bad. We're over in the locker rooms taking showers and this fag is staring at me and my boys in the shower...so I look at him and he says theres alot of "hard asses" in the shower...this fucking fuegolo. So I wait till he gets out and puts his clothes on, then I slammed him against the lockers and forced him to drink my piss out of a Evian bottle. Old prison trick I learned... this little bitch ran out the room yelling about how hed get me back somehow. Somehow on the net.

Good shit. I give it a 10.