pure pwnage!

"I fucking hate travelling through/to Mass. Last year I got Pulled over in REVERE for having a liscence plate Border frame. Yes just the frame, then he stepped on my neck, planted a Nug, and tried to have me confess to crazy shit. Called my Mom a Cokehead, wanted me to lead them to a crackhouse, and wrecked the inside of my car. When I went to court. It was another guy, who read his statement for him. When my Lawyer freaked they suggested SuperSecretProbation and let it go.
The entire system is Rusted and Gangrenous, thats why I dont got to WFL anymore.

Wizzle that how it went down. You sound like a cop, check into for me. "

you're giving me a very limited set of the facts, but i'll try to fill in the blanks and answer your questions as best i can can, based on my training and experience. it sounds like you were pulled over for a Chapter 90 Violation - Obstructed License Plate. you can be pulled over and ticketed for this any time you have ANYTHING covering any part of your license plate (even the edges). having a flashy border frame is kind of like saying "hey Officer, i have way too much free time on my hands, so i want YOU to have the option of stopping me at any time, so we can have a long, heart to heart chat. also, i obviously have too much money, the way i keep adding flashy, goofy looking gizmos to my car, so please, write me numerous expensive tickets for the Obstructed Plate and anything else you can find. that way, i won't have the money to make my car look any stupider than it already does.

Officer, I want you to know that i take road safety so seriously, that i'm volunteering to let myself get pulled over at any time for my illegal plate obstructing border frame, so you can take a look at me and see if there are any signs of drunk driving, the smell of a joint emanating from the ashtray, or anything else that might possibly indicate that something dangerous (drugs, weapons, whatever) is in my vehicle."

you can't be arrested for Obstructed License Plate, so i can only wonder how you ended up outside your vehicle, in hand to hand combat with the officer.

maybe you were so touched by his concern for your safety, you jumped out of your car to give him a heart-felt hug of appreciation, and somehow, he misinterpreted that kind gesture as an aggressive one, and had to hold you down until you got less rambunctious.

i don't have enough info to answer your other questions. i have no idea what you were doing at a crack house, or why your mom is a cokehead.