Purebred Training

Hi Enson,
I am planning on taking nenkyu for two weeks of training in Tokyo, possibly around Feburary time.

This is mainly because my prefecture has little in the way of BJJ or Shooto.

I am not sure exactly where abouts I will be staying yet, depends upon accomodation issues.

But I was wondering if its ok for people such as myself to train at Purebred or Killa Bee for such short peroids of time.

If its ok and I was nearby, what kind of prices am I looking at?

Thanks in advance, and all the best for your up-coming fight.


Depends how often you plan to train...

Thanks for the reply.

As often as is realistically possible within a two week peroid.

ben you lucky MO#FO if you train with enson i will envy you for ever, BTW if you do go thank him personally for the goods he sent for the lawrence greer fund,