Puroresu here I come!!

As alot of you know now I have signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

I hope to start working very soon and I am really excited about living out another dream of mine.

A big reason I have wanted to work in Japan is because the way the fans have treated me. Especially people like Dragohead, Gryphon, Circus, Kumita-san, and friends. Thanks alot.

Here's to Puroresu and beyond!


TOP :-)

Congrats, Josh! I am glad your dream has finally come true and, moreover, you mentioned my name!!

Now I can say to my fellow prowrestling fans, "I have eaten Chinese Food with this tall blond prowrestler..." with my nose stuck up.

Lets hang in Akihabara again soon. I hope you will have a good time and business with them.

How's it going Champ? When are we going to see you cutting throat again (for real)? UP for the Assassin!

congrats! you da man.dr bbtw, here's the link for a page of sketches i did of you while prepping for that UA piece.lastnoblestudios.complus there's a ton of other fighters and stuff and mma comics you might dig on.

This was fun....

Cool! Are you going to have a finishing move?

He got tired and went to bed.

The biggest congrats to josh!

NJPW's "1.4 Tokyo Dome show" is the biggest and most important annual Puroresu show in Japan!
I'm looking forward to seeing your "Juji Driver" and you getting another champion belt :)

By the way, the Japanese translation of your Puroresu column on the "Kami-no-Puroresu" magazine was done by me :)

Congrats Josh! I guess I'll be seeing you soon.

Josh, no wonder I saw you on the www.puroresu.com forum.

good luck!

I think Kenta Kobashi might be pissed if I used his finisher, but I already have my own....


You'll see.

Yo Enson, you gonna come to watch me wrassle? I'll be there in December and January. After that I could be there alot.



Josh, lets hang again. Drop me a mail when you can.



are these going to be works or is this mma?

I'll be there Josh....maybe standing next to you in the ring...