purple belt test

this may or may not have been posted before, but it looks realllly thorough!

I want that test ^

nice djstudd

Erm, I was referring to djstudd's test. Now it's gone ;x

Don't see anything.

"Don't see anything."

you need to have quicktime installed.

Very well done! He even had to go through the gauntlet of BBs during the rolling part. The testee definitely had put in a lot of mat time to get those technical moves down. More thorough purple test than some of the BJJ academies I've been to.

The Purple

May have killed your server.

Interesting but I noticed that some of the most basic -- and effective
-- chokes were not included in the test: paper cutter, baseball bat,
brabo and cross collar from mount and knee on stomach. I wonder

That's the Roy Harris curriculum. You can see Roy was conducting the test. Roy has a very through and comprehensive system. I'm hoping to get my purple before the end of the year.

Fukk all that shhiitt

I am scared of that.


I enjoy that type of curriculum. I am a purple belt and feel confident that I would do well on Mr Harris' exam. But I know a lot of Purples who are tough dudes, but don't know the most basic of headlock escapes.

Video is still dead here.

If someone saved it, can they please you-tube it?

lol, its been awhile since Ive seen a scantron. Brings back memories

Cool school.

I am a Roy Harris Blue belt and I can attest that his tests cover a lot of cirriculum. I train at a school in Minnesota that he has a relationship with.
I really like the way he teaches.
At the end of the test you roll with him and he tortures you. At least it feels that way. I made sounds I didnt know I was capable of making.
lots of fun though.

Great test! Awesome way to get your promotion.