Purple Belt

After 8 years, 2 knee surgeries, a torn biceps tendon and a zillion other dings........I received my Purple Belt from Royce Gracie and Charles dos Anjos last week. I am one fortunate and happy guy and wanted to share the news.........Larry Shealy

congrats on your hard work and dedication

Way to go!

nice one.


Way to go man. I know how hard the journey can be. I'm a thirty-six year old fat guy that is married with children and a BJJ junky. I can't get enough of it, but my body can't keep up with my desire. Three years ago, Mr. Roy Harris promoted me to Blue. I thought it would never happen. Then one day I was there. Since, I have pulled muscles in my back, broken my ankle (twisted the wrong way getting out of a ankle lock...stupid me), broke my leg (another leg submission, not my fault that time) and dislocated both shoulders at one time or another. I visit the chiropractor twice a week and live of vitamin "M" (Ibuprofen). The guys at my school call me "I.P." (Ice Pack), I always seem to have something jammed, or pulled. However, there is only three guys in my school that can take me and they are huffing and puffing when they tap me... it's a long journey, but someday, maybe with in a year or two, I will be where you are.

Wear the purple proudly. You maybe halfway to black, but I have heard purple is the belts of the gods...



Lshealy - keep up the WARRIOR SPIRIT n Congratz bro :)


Congrats man!


thanks guys........I really appreciate it.


Congrats BRO.. stay up!

Thats cool, dont see many Royce Purple belts (atleast in my area)...Congrats...

just dave gomez Q.....


Congrats Larry! I know how hard it is to get that purple (Especially from Royce). See you on the mat in the future!

Tosh Cook



Tosh, no kidding. see ya hopefully on the cruise in 2004. Larry