Purpose Driven Life (book review)

I read the first 50 pages, and I had to stop.  I found the book was too cliche for my taste, and not very insightful, enjoyable, or helpful.  Even a little dangerous in parts. 

Plus quotes were taken out of context from other books so I was disappointed in the authors research/interpretation of the writings of others.

2 out of 10.

I enjoyed it and got something out of it. So did
almost everyone that I have talked to that read it.
The best thing that I got out of it was the quotes
from the New Living Translation. I really like that
translation. I have read it from Genesis to I
Corinthians so far.

I know so many people who also enjoyed it.  That was why I picked it up.  Just not my cup of tea.

kinda like seven habits of highly effective Christians, not my bag baby

the rev

i'm still working through it, and have gotten a lot out
of it. really been changing the way i look at myself
and those around me.

but i have to agree....some of the quotes and/or the
way he quotes the Bible are a little bothersome.

I think the book has tremendous pottential for those who may be struggling(pardon the pun)finding a purpose in their life. Though I have had numerous disscucions about this book with other Christians and really cant come to a conclusion on how i feel. For instance maybe you are a well planted person who is just feeling a little down, then maybe this book is good for you. However the blatent missuse and misqoutes taken out of context really bothers me. I kinda put this book in the category of what i call "Pretty Christanity". YOu know the pretty feel good, im ok your ok kinda stuff.

I remember thinking it was the bomb the first time it came out. Actually, I even bought a few copies to hand out to my family and friends.

After a while, I was wondering what the fuss was all about. I agree with what reverend john says, sort of like 'Christian Lite' imo now.

However, it did get a couple of my relatives going back to church and softened my boss' attitude towards me so you can't always judge a book by it's cover or quite misquoted verses!


I read the first 50 pages, and I had to stop. I found the book was too cliche for my taste, and not very insightful, enjoyable, or helpful. Even a little dangerous in parts.

This sums up my entire point of view on the book, full of cliches that have been used over and over and over and over....

I read it, and enjoyed it...but like the rev said..it's not for everybody...but if you do get something out of it...thats great

yours in Christ


Hmmm..how coincidental. After some prayer, I decided to go through the book again in a 40 day study format. Ironically, it was roughly a year ago that I did the same thing. What I gleaned so far is this:

  1. It's definitely not a populist book, even though it hit the mainstream bestseller lists. Maybe some people would have picked up the book thinking it was another self-help book but one quick glance at the phrase: " It's not about you" should be sufiicient to convince them otherwise.

  2. It has a strong emphasis on service and corporate( read: church) responsibility.

This is how I see it. It's a 40 day program that is a bit more structured than a 365 day devotion for the day program in terms of a theme. But it is no different in that sense from the various discipleship courses that churches run.

I feel that the PDL is meant more for the solitary Christian, the one who feels that they don't need to go to church or belong to any form of fellowship. While it might catch the attention of non-Christians; I don't feel that they are the target audience.




What do you mean when you say " Even a little dangerous in parts. " ?

I had the same take on the book too...I think I got through about 30 pages or so. I know alot of people who really liked it too, just not for me I guess.

I remember noticing a couple of authors out of context too, I think a quote from Einstien if I remember right.


I can't remember specific details that I think were dangerous anymore.  But as I read it I remember thinking that the author is saying your purpose is all about God but you must fit into this mold that I have layed out.

ttt for Aaron

Thanks for the explanation, Cherrypicker.

I really like this book, it may be cliche' but so is life. I find myself trying to apply this to me in various forms. Going into reading any book you have to give it a chance.

ttt for Joe Ray.

Thought it was good, picked it up during a tough time in my life. It helped.

it stopped Violent Crime, solved Aids crisis, unified the world govts and so forth. hardback 99.99$