Push Fight for Christmas

Years ago, there were a lot of good Push Fight players on the UG.  So, I thought it would be ok to post this here.  I hope to reconnect with some of them, and I also hope to reach out to find some new players, too.

Push Fight is my board game.  It reminds a lot of people of Jiu-Jitsu with the traps, counters and sudden finishes. One guy called it a knife fight in a phone booth.  Some people at MIT even wrote a paper about it, but you can learn how to play in just a few minutes.  It's very fun and very aggressive.

For the first time, I'm offering 3 styles of boards and a variety of game pieces.  Pick and choose, and the total is $29.95 plus shipping.  These are all handmade, and I build them in my workshop.  I love my craft.  I loved building Bubbas, too.

I have all of the options on my facebook page, but I can't link it here for some reason.  You can check out my game on my webpage, though, and you can click on facebook there to get to my community page.  I also have a group page.  http://pushfightgame.com/


Sorry.  I'm getting Bullet Ball for Christmas. 

That sounds fun.

Do you ship to Canada?  Or do you have a supplier up here?  

In for Canadian details

I do ship to Canada, but rates can be crazy.  If you give me your address, I'll find out what it would cost.

You can write to me at bubbamaker@aol.com if you prefer.  Thanks.

P.S.  Many use a U.S. address for their orders.

Pardon me while I ttt.