Push kick defense?

My favorite is to sidestep it and kick the guy's other leg. I can get this right if the guy throws a lot of teeps in a row. It works good though.


I like to raise the knee or use the elbow...I think it
leaves you in a much better position to counter. The
first time I did a knee block (totally by accident!)
against a teep I jammed it so hard the guy fell on his

Of course, there's also the fact that I kinda suck at
blocking the teep with the hand sweep/step techniq

The main method of defending a push kick is to move out of its way. Either skip straight back, which is ok, or skip sideways, which is preferrable.

While skipping out of the kicks way, you can perform a sweeping motion with your arm to deflect the kick. Use your arm as a pendulum to sweep the kick to your outside. Make sure that when you do this, you are sweeping the kick so that you will be on your opponents outside, not his inside.

To clarify, if your opponent kicks with his left, you skip to your right as your left arm pendulum sweeps his leg to your left. This will put you on his outside, to his left where you have quite the advantage.

There are also counter attacks to defend, but they require very good timing as what you are doing is beating your opponent to the punch, so to speak. You have to be able to read your opponents reactions, and when you see him try to setup the kick, you react with a punch/kick/knee/elbow of your own first!

Khun Kao

I agree with Khun Kao wholeheartedly here.
When I am attacked with a push kick, I tend to take a step and shift all of my weight onto the back leg, at the same time either sweeping the leg away (as Khun Kao recomends) or scooping the leg high.

Another thing to do is to circle step the kick as you sweep the leg away with your hand.

For example, you are in a left guard (left side forward). Your opponent throws a right push kick (which would be off his back leg!), now as you sweep the kick with your hand, your right leg, (which is your back leg)moves back and to the left, which will move you out of the way (if you have swept his kick with your hand correctly, you should be behind him, to his right) and in position to kick his legs from behind.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help guy.. great advices

What are some things you can do against the push kick? my teacher hasn't realy gone over that yet so I'm wondering