Push up workouts?

Can anyone give me some ideas on push up workouts, particularly workouts that help improve the number of push ups you can do?

I want to do regular push ups, not diamond pushups or variations....

I know scrap and taku probably have some good ideas.

There was one workout that comes up when you Google "Push up".

Basically, it's a ten day thingy. For ten consecutive days, you do push-ups. On odd numbered days, you try to do 200 push-ups in as short a time and in as few sets as you can. On even numbered days, you do push-ups throughout the day until you get 200 push-ups. Then you rest for three days. Then you re-test your maximum.

I think the number of push-ups gets upped to 300 (for both odd and even numbered days) if your push-up max is above a certain number.

^that's proly the best way you'll get your numbers up.

i'm sure there's something similar for pull ups as well.

i think that's stew smith's push up workout. i tried it and it really works. the first few days really suck though, especially if you haven't done them in a while. by day 6 i could definitely tell a huge difference. i was doing the 300 p/u a day workout, but you can modify it to your own needs.

Are you able to do pushups in multiple sets throughout the day or are you restricted to a certain workout period of time?

SCRAPPER - in the workout, you alternate - on odd days, you do them in the shortest time period you can, in the fewest sets...on the even days (the "rest" days), you just do them throughout the day (you could hypothetically do 200 sets of 1 rep each spread throughout the day if you felt like it).

Here's the link:


And it IS Stew Smith.

Yeah Stewart Smith has some good stuff. I have his Maximum Fitness SEAL cross training book lots of good ideas for a reasonable price.

Scrap, I look forward to your input. I can do both but one or two times a day would be best for me (in the morning before work and after work). I could them throughout the day but I would have shirt and tie on and my co-workers may eyeball me strangely.


I could them throughout the day but I would have shirt and tie on and my co-workers may eyeball me strangely.

That's why God invented doors.

Close the door to your office.