Push ups and clap BEHIND BACK...

anyone do one?

I can't :(

Would be nice to see a video of someone doing one.  My coach use to be able to do them when he was younger (65yrs+ now).

Claping push ups thats easy but behind your back?

Takes a serious amount of hand speed from the ground up to clap behind your back and then to just land on your hands.


here goes nothing....

just as I suspected. Not even close.

I just found out that I can't. I'd suggest warming up first to others.

I just knocked out 20 push ups while my girlfriend clapped behind my back - does that count?

Sorry Juninho that doens't count :(

DAM I am interested in this now.  I think I'll work on this at home until I can do it :D

Some serioius hand speed if you can manage this feat.

Anyone else try?


no way near.

I think it has to do with being able to get your hands behind your back quickly. I'd lie chest down on a chair and work on that part first.

I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time...

lol @ NbleSavage

Sweet nowaydo.  I'd love to drop by but I'm in England and I guess  you are in the states?  If your in England I'll drop by sometime.

Hey can you get a video setup as I'd love to see the sort of hand speed and hight you get?

yeah it is all about hand speed and you need to get a decent hight but that shouldn't be a problem for most of us here.


Try this one:

A seven-count pushup, basically a squat thrust with a pushup thrown in when you first drop into the pushup position but, you make the pushup harder by making it a flying pushup, that is, instead of pushing off hard and fast as if to do a clapping pushup where your feet stay on the floor, you go totally airborne and you are parallel to the floor.

So the count would be:

1.Stand and squat down with hands in front of your feet.

2.Shoot legs out so you are in the top of the pushup position.

3.Lower yourself to the bottom of the pushup position.

4.Explosively push up so you go totally airborne with your body like a board parallel to the floor and when you come down, use your arms like shock absorbers so you wind up at the bottom of the pushup position.

5.Push up like a normal pushup.

6.Pull your feet in to the squat position.

7.Stand up.

Not only good power development and explosiveness development, but a hell of a cardio workout if you do these in Tabata intervals.

nowaydo- a 360 pushup is a pushup with a "barrel roll" back into the pushup position?

I see nowaydo.

I am trying to do them with my legs parallel as my coach use to do them that way.

I'll se if spreading my legs helps me out.  I reckon I'll get it when I try at it for a while:D

Got to try the barrell roll.  That sounds interesting.


Let's see...

Yep, I can do it, and I can do it strictly, feet together and back straight. One thing that helps is placing your hands directly under your shoulders (instead of slightly wider than shoulders like usual), this will give you more arm length to launch yourself.

My boxing coach used to have me do these. But that was 9 years and 25kg ago.

I'm gonna train this :P

btw a vid of someone doing it would be awesome!

ttt for a video!

I want to see some fast hands :D


I can do it with legs a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Haven't tried it with varying leg widths.

I'll host it dude.. hit me up whenever.

I'm lerking just at the chance to see a video of this, sounds pretty crazy.

I'd also love to see the 360 degree pushup.

I just don't see how either of these is possible.


I think I broke my nose.