Putting GSP into Context

A lot of people have been shitting on GSP for being a "Boring fighter" Of late. Several people here, and several sports writers and even Dana White himself have been praising for Anderson Silva as being the more exciting fighter.

I Am certainly a huge Anderson fan and couldn't pick between the two myself, but I'm gonna try to put things into perspective here:

A)Is Anderson Silva really more exciting?

In fights when he fights guys like Forrest and Rich Franklin yes. Were his fights with Maia, Cote or Leites any more exciting then GSP vs Koscheck? I would have to say no... Anderson like any fighter is capable of not putting on a great show as well. It depends on the style of both fighters in the cage

B) GSP is 29...and has a Bright future a head of him. Randy Couture is still fighting at 47, Anderson Silva at 35. Matt Hughes fought BJ Penn at 37 and tho he got KO'ed you can't say he's really punch drunk.

Wanderlei Silva a year younger then Anderson, but also somewhat punch drunk, not his former self to be sure. Big Nog has looked punch drunk himself since coming into the UFC he's also 34 and makes Frank Mir look like a knock-out artist. Is there a problem in fighting smart and pro-longing your career? Or do you wanna see guys like GSP and Anderson go the way of Nogueira and Wand and be done early in their careers? Their styles were bang and stand with anyone, and now they are paying for it. Nogueira is still young enough to fight and still has amazing BJJ so you know you'll get to watch legends like him and Wand pay the price for the way they fought early in their careers a few more times...do we wanna see more Mir KOing Nog????

Of GSP's 21 wins only 8 have come by decision and he's actually never gone more then 3 fights without a stoppage at one time. He came damn close to submitting Hardy..if he hardy quits in the later rounds does it make the fight THAT much more exciting? Chael Sonnen fights a similar ground and pound style to GSP and he gets credit for being exciting, why? cuz he's a loudmouth?? He has 25 wins to GSP's 21 but 15 of those are due to decision, a higher % Then GSPs. Fitch is in similar territory with 13 of 23.

In recent memory I've seen Henderson Vs Rampage go to the cards, Forrest Vs Rampage go to the cards...both great fights? Or Is Rampage boring for not finishing a "TUF nobody" In Forrest Griffin? The Fight of the Night on this same UFC Card involving Matt Riddle also went to a decision, it wasn't a boring fight, neither was Thiago Alves fight. (Or his fight with GSP).

If you want KO's watch K-1. If you want Mixed Martial arts at a high level watch The UFC.

agreed. at least GSP shows up everytime he fights.

to be fair, Koscheck stopped coming in after the 1st round, only to swing a hay mayker.

Why would GSP dominate a fight and throw it away being careless only to satisfy a few UGers??

Its not like Kos stood there and threw in the pocket all night he came in ate a jab and got out. Credit he defended the TD's but Kos mostly swung at air, he didn't really press that much and his corner was yelling at him to do so.

It wouldn't make much sense for GSP to go into a title fight and say "I have to finish for my fans so Im gonna drop what I train for and just rush him cuz he's just sitting" and play right into Kos' wild Right hand which is all he had going for him.

Koscheck was the challenger, its the challenger's job to TAKE the title away from the champ.

Hate Ground n Pound? Learn to stay on your friggin feet! Want a KO press the action don't hang back and think a champion is gonna rush into you arms flailing.

At least Sonnen took the fight to Anderson, Hardy, Kos, Pennm, Fitch have all failed to do anything closely resembling that, even Alves went in and didn't throw his best weapon because he feared the takedown.

And look at it that way.

Kos best weapons his wrestling and his right hand, did you see him shoot much on GSP? did he rush him often with his striking?

Alves best weapon his leg kicks but how often did he throw them?

GSP makes the Top contendors in his weight class afraid to use their own assests against them.

Their game plans are always focused on his Game not their own..