Putting it together for a tournament

Some are awesome at it, while others arent..

Ive always been the type to wreck everyone (even huge names) in practice, but for some reason, the tournies never show it..

I have other guys who get tapped every 30 seonds in practice but for some reason amount ridiculous undefeated records..

I used think it was fear that fucked with people, but isnt, I know Im not scared of anyone..And I also know the guys who accumulate great records are sometimes scared of everyone..

What is this phenomenon?

Sometimes the Fates smile down upon you, sometimes they don't.

^that was very gladiator-esque...

Understand your point, but this isnt always the case..

Some guys arent fighting things off, they just own people outright in practice..

Others, can't see subs coming from a mile away..

Yet in competiton, the meek are the strong and the strong are the meek a lot of times..

I dont think it always ego that makes this so..

It's about clutch performance.

It has little to do with fear.

Kai, what do you think is has to do with?

Can we isolate what it is, so that we can teach it to others?



Train Judo: I think that Shark Tank training works, making training as hard as possible. Also bringing in hardcore bangers from other schools to rough up your guys.

Lots of competiting as well helps, but outside of that, it's psychology.

If I could figure it out, I'd do better in grappling tourneys.