Putting on shows

How hard is it too put on a show at a small venue or something

What kind of costs would you be looking at?? what kind of time would you have to put into it, any legal paper involved??

What kind of show are you talking about? Do you have a PA? Does the venue? Lay out the scene a bit better.

Anything i put on would be a punk/hardcore show

I dont' have a PA, would look for a venue with one, i assume most bands don't have thier own??

I am looking a small venues

Most serious bands should have at least a small P.A. You can get legal if you want (standard contract), especially if you have heard bad things about the owner. In all the years I`ve played in bars/etc I have yet to be stiffed. As long as you have a good verbal agreement and all of your expectations are said up front you generally dont need a contract imo.

Costs are mainly for advertising, fliers, posters etc. Aside from the P.A. If you have to rent a P.A or even a soundman it can get pricey. For a small venue (less than 300) you can put on a pretty cheap show if you do the legwork yourself.

In Toronto its pretty easy to book a night since there are so many music clubs, especially at places like the 360 or the Tequila lounge. Usually they have a house sound guy as well. The hardest part is like hillbilly said - advertising and getting people to show up. Never could figure out that part.

I just put on my first show in Baltimore MD. Total out of pocket expenses $250. That was basically $160 for the club ($100 + $1 per paid head) and then I paid 2 of the 5 bands that played $45 each. The other 3 bands got zippy, because they didn't ask for a guarantee before the show.

Das what are the TO prices like for a place?

Well, its been a few years since I've booked anything but it usually depends on the club.

I know back in the day if you are a lesser known band places like the Elmo would keep the bar, and you get the door. Some places wanted a cut of the door as well, some places want a little money to be sure the soundman gets paid. Some places were really cool about it, they make most of their money off booze anyway.

If you go that route, make sure you have somebody on the door, thats your responsibilty (found that one out the hard way)

Cool.... i heard the Qbar lets you put shows on free, that place is a shit hole though, i am going to start looking around after christmas, i have a few band contacts in the toronto "punk" scene

You gonna check out White Cowbell this friday at lees??
I talk some friends into heading down so i will more then likely be there unless something else comes up, like some snow so i can go sledding