Putting The ACT on Hold

Chicago area has become saturated with MMA Action and I don't feel that it is wise for me to try and start something else at this time.

Sorry to those that had interest and were in talks with me for spots on the show.

I will be doing it. Just not at this time.

CFCU, XFO, TFC, IHC, Combat-Do, The shows @ Burbon, random shows at UIC Pavillion and etc etc etc.

I hope you all understand.

Probably a smart move.  Glad that you did as opposed to over-saturating a market.  Admirable move IMO

Good idea actually.

Too bad though, I liked your idea for the event and thought it would be a great addition to Chicago MMA.

I just feel like I would be imposing at this point. There isn't an area around here that doesn't have a show and I don;t want to dip into someone's market.

Creating enimies isn't something Im interested in doing.

I'll probably contact a few of these shows and see if we could do a conjoined event or feeder type system rather than my initial view for the show.

I'll keep you all updated.

It's very disappointing for me but I think I'm doing what is smart.


I will for sure.

I wanted to do it by funding it myself, no sponsors, no backers etc etc etc.

In the time it took me to save the funds the window closed.

So I bought wood floors for my place.

Ill wait till people get out... if it ever happens

Yeah but being an announcer and commentator... alot of these people helped me get to where I am... and now that i have the means for a show Im not going to step in and do it on their toes... not too great of a "Thank You" if you know what I mean.

"Business is Business who cares if you make someone mad."

-Nice. another Chad Mason

Did I mention Im moving my show to Rochester ?

lol @ monson.

lol, why not?

More your show to Rochester.  Everyone else is!


Enjoy your wood floors!

Its not really about putting anyone out of busines... but rather making the slices of pie smaller.

And if their show is going to fail or whatever it will regardless of me doing one. So if I wait another year and see what the scene looks like I can still go ahead with it.

here is a gay to get ahold of to help you with your show in Roch...

Chad Mason (really good at keeping the payout low)

Ill be Calling him.

I heard he can help me have little to no overhead and a large amount of Knockouts.