PW NOAH hypothetical ?

So ive been selfishly bummed out with kobashi's recent announcement. I have also been largely out of the loop the past few years. So my question is this. If kobashi's health hadnt been an issue this past decade or so(knees, cancer etc.) What impact would it have had on the final years of All Japan and these years in Noah? Both storylines and business wise? Would it have made an impact on the japanese wrestling scene as a whole? I know the business was in a slump during the 2000s. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Phone Post

Sub, I'll get in on this after work Phone Post

Ya my initial thought was him finally beating misawa for the title in 2003 leading to his title run as the ace would have maybe taken place prior to the end of all japan because that was their goal, correct? Also for the question maybe ignore the outcome that hed eventually be dead in the ring from getting too crazy unless you are passionate that it would happen Phone Post

I think the impact would have been bigger on Noah than All Japan. During the spells Kobashi had on the sidelines in All Japan, they had plenty of upper echelon talent to cover for the loss. Kobashi goes down, you sill have Misawa, Kawada, Taue, Dr Death, Hansen, etc to carry the load, all at or near the top of their respective games. Plus it gave them a chance to move Akiyama up the ranks. In Noah, the talent pool was not as deep and aging. He was Triple Crown champion when the split happened, so he probably would have had a nice run right after the split to help Noah establish themselves if his knees weren't so wrecked. I think that really would have setup Noah in a much stronger position, and we would have gotten a few more classics vs Misawa for sure, but I'm not sure that would have changed what has eventually happened to Noah. Noah's biggest problems have always been their horrendous booking and their lack of home grown young talent. The booking may have been better if he was was available, but they still would have had the same issue with who picks up the mantle after older generation stars retire. I love KENTA and Marufuji, but you can't expect them to follow heavyweight icons like Misawa, Kobashi, and Akiyama. They needed to build a few more guys like Go Shiozaki to help transition properly

Youre fantastic. Few more questions have been on my mind that ill post later Phone Post

they should've never put the title on ogawa or rikio. taue should've never had it either.

much like grizz, i don't see kobashi's poor health changing much in the way of bad booking through and through.

the aj situation prior to the split was a total clusterfuck from top to bottom.

it would've been nice to see kobashi healthier than he was during his last few years, but he was already looking pretty worn down prior to his cancer bout.

in order to properly imagine a healthier kobashi during the last 10 years, you'd have to imagine extremely watered down versions of his most memorable matches.