PWF Poll:Greatest Tag Team

Let's cut right to the chase,there was only two king tag teams ever,the Road Warriors(not LOD,but the old days) and the Stiener Bros.
There was no tag teams better because these two are nothing but tag style wrestlers.

So who?
I can't really give a professional opinion being that I never really have seen alot of the Road Warriors NWA days,but I've seen a great deal of the Stieners' matches.

So who do you think?


with Money, Inc. coming in 2nd

Road Warriors, easy. OH WHAT A RUSH!

Steiners aren't even close to 2nd, IMO.

Just off of the top of my head, I'd say that teams better than the steiners include: Hart Foundation, Fabulous Freebirds, New Age Outlaws

Road Warriors.

Road Warriors

Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson

Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen

Hardy Boys


There are so many great teams. Here are a few favorites


Gene & Ole Anderson
Bockwinkel & Stevens
Race & Henning
Baba & Tsuruta
The Funks


Steamboat & Youngblood
British Bulldogs
Anderson & Blanchard
Lane & Eaton
Brody & Hansen


Kawada & Taue
The Steiners
Gordy & Williams
Misawa & Kobashi


Benoit & Angle
Benjamin & Haas
Edge & Christian

Nobody can touch Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

jugger has pinned the correct after a vicious spinebuster.

Road Warriors are easily number one.

Other great teams include Hart Foundation, Blanchard/Anderson, Midnight Express(Eaton/Lane), Brody/Hansen, and one that somehow hasn't been mentioned yet - Gordy/Williams.

I know they werent NWA ( WCCW) but they were a LEGIT force and that would be The Von Erichs.

Steiners, Money Inc, Hart Foundation, Arn and Tully, Midnight Express, Eliminators, Bulldogs, Road Warriors, Freebirds are some of the top ones that come to mind.

I hope most of you have not seen the Stieners' in Japan before you knock the Stieners'.

The Steiners had some of their best matches in Japan during the early 1990's. My favorite was their series with Hase & Muta.

I also would have loved to have seen Scott work singles back then when he was still healthy. He had all the skills to be a major force.

The Road Warriors and the British Bulldogs.

the eliminators doc and gordy

Why does no one mention the New Rock and Roll Express?
(Bart Gunn and Bob Holly) They were NWA champs dammit!

Just kidding. But honestly another Gunn was pretty great in a tag team. The New Age Outlaws were pretty damn good.

However the team that's done the most damage the world over and still entertains the crowd after all these years has got to be those damn Dudleys!

Trainwreak is correct.

Also The KIller Bees

Seeing as tons of great tag teams are already listed, no matter what, marking out or not, the Rock and Sock Connection always made me laugh after a boring day.

"Oh, you didn't kno-ow..."

In no particular order...

Hart Foundation


Harlem Heat

Road Warriors

Can-Am Connection