PWF Poll:Most Underrated Jobber

If you said Barry Horowitz,then give yourself a pat on the back because you're wrong.

We all know who the best jobber is of all time,that ofcourse is the great Brooklyn Brawler legacy.

But who was the wrestler in any top company,that has or had to job out everynight,even though this person is great talent?

Right now,I'm going to have to say...Kanyon.

*Pats Kanyon on the back*

Lance Storm

"The Hippie" Mike Boyette

"Now I'm pretty and I'm gonna win."

I have VERY limited knowledge of this game, but I second Mearoz with Lance Storm.

sboe5 is correct. Mike Jackson was an awesome worker, limited to playing the role of a jobber.

dusty wolfe


lol @ dangerboy12. it's funny because it's true.

Jake Milliman

Brad Armstrong and Paul Roma

I'll second Iron Mike Sharpe.

Barry Horowitz wasn't a jobber. He was THE WINNER.

Paul Roma is very incorrect since both WWF and WCW tried to push him. Multiple times.

The Italian Stalion

Norman Smiley

sboe5 is totally correct, it is Mike Jackson from the old Georgia Championship Wrestling days.


mulkey brothers