PXC Guam results?

"He only took the fight as week ago so he couldn't have pulled out before that"

Mr brennan you are WRONG!..lol

Medina knew he was fighting on GUAM since the last EC (57) They even announced it at the fight, he just didnt know who he was fighting.

Blake Fredrickson won his fight also. I forget who he fought but he won convincingly in the first round. Sorry about the details being fuzzy but I did not know a lot of these guys so remembering the details of the fight is tough. I wish I could blame it on alcohol but it is just poor memory.

Field house gets X-Treme
Chong successfully defends title with win over Santos

Pacific Sunday News

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Choke: Kultar Singh Gill, left, executes a rear naked choke and is seconds away from defeating a grimacing Dave Rivas in their fight last night at the Pacific X-Treme Combat 2: Chaos at the field house. Gill got the win when Rivas tapped out.

Exciting, exhilarating, amazing and any other adjectives fail to describe the show Pacific X-Treme Combat's warriors put on for Guam residents last night at the University of Guam field house.

Hundreds of chanting, screaming fight fans packed UOG's field house for eight fights and several hours of hard-hitting action.

The night's main event featured Manny "the Enforcer" Chong against Jay Santos for the PXC's Guam Heavyweight Championship. Chong won last night's bout via referee stoppage in the third rond. Santos could not continue because of fatigue.

In the other main event, Jeremy Horn defeated Cameron "Bad News" Brown by submission with a shoulder choke at 3:05 in the first round. Horn then thanked the crowd and expressed his desire to return to Guam.

More on the fights will be available in Monday's edition of the Pacific Daily News. In the night's opening bout, Agat's Chris Brub defeated Chalan Pago's John Cing by referee stoppage at 1:40 in the first of three five-minute rounds.

As the two warriors stared down before the fight, Cing hopped back and forth and growled in anticipation for Brub's attack. But Brub remained still and focused on his opponent, perhaps as a way to keep Cing off guard for the fury he was about to unleash.

Once the bell rang, Cing moved in quickly for a few punches which Brub countered. When Cing tried a kick seconds later, Brub side-stepped the blow and leveled Cing with a haymaker to the side of his head -- splitting Cing open. Cing's cut caused a break in the action as the Chalan Pago resident got cleaned up.

The rest of the fight followed similarly, with Cing moving to attack Brub only to be punched back by Brub who locked onto his opponent and rarely missed.

Cing did manage to land a big right hook that temporarily shook Brub but at the same time fueled the Agat fighter to pursue Cing with a vicious attack that dropped Cing to the ground. Brub then followed him down with a classic ground-and-pound attack and pummeled Cing with monster blows that forced referee Alex Gutierrez to stop the fight. Brub, winning his debut event, celebrated wildly but took time to hug Cing in a show of respect.


In the evening's next match, Justin Mercado had an unsuccessful return to Guam, losing by referee stoppage to Blake "the Snake" Frederickson at 2:55 in the first round. Frederickson trapped Mercado in a corner on the ground and pounded the back of the head of the fighter from Hawaii until referee Larry Landless stopped the fight.

The next fight saw Jason Medina tap out to Adam Lynn in a hard-fought battle that ended at 2:05 in the third round when Lynn trapped Medina on the ground and stomped on his chest. Medina got up under his own power, though he seemed to rub his solar plexus, and congratulated Lynn, who made his fifth trip to Guam, with a hug.

During the intermission, Dededo resident Jerome Untalan bought a T-shirt commemorating the night of exhilarating fights.

"This is bad. It's really good and I hope to be able to fight next year," said the 32-year-old corrections officer.

"It's definitely lived up to my expectations and I'm glad I bought a ticket."

Fight promoter Eli Monge said Guam fans will soon have another chance to witness some of the best mixed martial arts action in the region when Pacific X-Treme Combat returns for its third event this August.

In the night's other bouts, Rich "No Love" Clementi defeated Eddie "Filipino Phenom" Yagin by doctor's stoppage in the third round.

Kultar Singh Gill choked out Dave Rivas at 1:10 in the second round and Phillip "Buck" Greer beat LaVerne Clark by a submission to a triangle choke at 1:03 into the second round.

The first round was pretty even but Rich's power advantage was apparent. Rich dominated the second round but Yagin showed tremendous heart and never stopped fighting even though he was overmatched.

Iron Fist

Jay Santos quit due to fatigue? How was the rest of the fight?
Can you email me at saint39@rocketmail.com, I want to ask some more questions about that fight if you don't mind.

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Medina is a Warrior! Always willing to fight whoever, and takes fights on such a short notice! Like Jason always tells me, quote, "I do this for fun my friend" Anyway, Jason will be fighting for my Welterweight Title Belt, "Courage Fighting Championships" on July 24th in illinois. (that is if he's o.k.) Because i talked to him the day before he left and he told me personally how is sturnum was fucked up bad! He took a few greatr knees 2 weeks prior in another tough ass fight. I'm telling you, Medina deserves a lot of props, and I've always enjoyed watching him fight!

Congrats to all the Team Gibson fighters.
Kultar Gill defeated Rivas via Choke at
1:10 in Round 2.
Blake Fredrickson defeated Mercado via TKO
at 2:55 Round 2.
Cameron Brown against Jeremy Horn lost via
choke at 3:05 in Round 1. Cameron is a
warrior and managed to hang in there.
Much respect to all the Team Gibson

Congrats to Rich Clementi! It is an honor to be training with you again (even though I only made it once last week).