Python BEATEN while trying to MURDER a Dog

that snake took some serious blows

Murder?  I do not think it means what you think it means.

God was on that dog's side

That snake was a pussy...the guy was hitting with a branch.

"That's our lunch you damn snake"

What is PETA's take on this?

Wow, what a lucky dog.

Have to think it wasn't a particularly hungry snake. It was around the dog long enough to kill it (or severely injure it internally), and that branch sure as hell wasn't much more than a slight annoyance that a snake in full on feeding mode would likely ignore. Fuck, they've been known to ignore knives and machetes when constricting prey. Lucky, lucky dog.

Although it did appear as if it may have actually been trying to drag the dog away with it at the end, as some snakes will do. Off topic but reminds me of a story of a guy who was killed by a captive 22' retic, his friend started stabbing the snake with a steak knife and the snake started coming after him, the whole time dragging the dead guy along with it's tail still refusing to let go.

The snake and dog were clearly just playing.

stobe - "That's our lunch you damn snake"