Python crushes Husky to Death - FLORIDA

A Florida family watched in horror as a gigantic snake slithered through their back yard and crushed their pet Siberian Husky to death.
The 10-foot long wild African rock python quickly coiled itself around the 60-pound dog's neck as it was exercising outside the Miami-Dade County home.
With the life being squeezed out of the beloved pooch - named Duke - his owner frantically dialed 911 for help.
Her son even slashed at the serpent's body with garden shears - after desperately trying to wrestle the beast away from the canine.
But it was to no avail. 
Rescue crews arrived on the scene, in the Bird Drive recharge area, but declared that the dog had died within five minutes of being attacked.
They then killed the snake, which is now being sent to the University of Florida for a necropsy.
Duke's devastated owner, who did not want to be identified, told CBS Miami she'd "never seen anything like it" in 20 years of living near the Everglades.
"'Be careful, especially with young kids, because something that big can kill a kid,' she warned.
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission is now searching for other wild pythons that could be patrolling the area.
"We do know there is a colony of these types of pythons concentrated in a six-square mile area in southwest Miami-Dade County," said spokesman Jorge Pino.
The incident happened on Aug. 30. but the gruesome images have only come to light this week.
Captain Jeff Fobb, of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's Venom One unit, said two bite wounds were found on the snake's neck - which raised questions as to who had struck first.
"It's difficult to tell if the snake attacked the dog," he said. "A snake would've had trouble eating a dog that size, so it might've been a defensive move."
In another twist to the tale, it's also been reported that the attack happened at the family home of accused murderer Jose R Rojas.
Rojas was charged with the grisly torture and murder of his boss and a co-worker last year.

Those damn things are all over Florida. It's getting so bad they're starting to offer bounties on them

Ya, pythons are bad but other snakes are a problem too. I've lost 2 dogs to them when i lived by the intercoastal here in N Florida. Both to pygmy rattlers, which are prolly more dangerous inho. They are small but can fuck a dog up badly

I dunno what i'd do if my current dog encountered a python that big, other then try to take its head off with a knife.

I mean how long did it take to kill the dog. are you just standing by screaming while your dog is getting squeezed. stomp on the things head or you could use a normal kitchen knife in multiple ways to kill it nearly instantly. killing the snake would take 1-10 seconds easily. from the woman's quoted response it sounds like she wanted the dog dead.

Good. Anyone that would have a Siberian husky in Florida is obviously retarded and can't handle the responsibility of being a dog owner.

and who the fuck calls 911 on a snake. and who the fuck is getting out there phone when there dog is getting squeezed. you can run a knife down the exposed part of the snake and gut it. I would fuck up that snake with any tool so easily. am I missing something? am I just superior to most humans?

You people don't understand how strong a snake that size is. Within a very very short time it will have crushed the dogs neck and suffocated it. Still, I would have killed the snake while attached to the dog before I watched it just standing there screaming. Phone Post 3.0

Fucking snake. I would take my machete and chop that fuckers head off.

That snake would be fucking dead before I phoned anyone

Everyone worries about the dolphin and few give a shit about the tuna.

Good looking snake.

I hate snakes. Kill them all.

A Siberian husky killed by an African snake in Florida. Fucking humanity... Phone Post 3.0

Why does Florida still exist?

Animal Chin - Good. Anyone that would have a Siberian husky in Florida is obviously retarded and can't handle the responsibility of being a dog owner.

agreed, could the pick a more inappropriate breed for florida ?

I hate to pass judgement on these owners or understimate the strength of the snake but i wouldnt have called anybody until afterward. That snake would be headless and chopped into 100 pieces, then i would go drop it off where the rest of his snake buddies hang out. Phone Post 3.0

they didn't own a chainsaw?

Too bad the Husky wasn't game.

Would never have happened to a American Pit Phone Post

Unless the family is disabled or similar then they pulled a pretty big bitch move by not stepping up

easy to sit here and say you would have uncoiled the python and bit its head off but when shit like thats going down, u dont have much time..calling the police is odd but these people probably had no idea what to do..i would have been stabbing the hell out of the python....