Q&A with Wrecker

Whats up guys?

Its cool to see there are some poker players out there
amongst you who are trying to improve your game through the computer.

Fighting is my passion, but POKER has paid my bills for the last 8 years. (Stretching out that $650 KOTC check is just too tough) I have been a proposition player in the past working a year each at pechanga resort and Lake elsinore casino. I have made my income from both tournaments and side games, the internet has changed poker and helped my income tremendously.

Because alot of you are mma fans I will be happy to share some of the nuances of the game of poker you do not find in most books. Generally talking about my work does not excite me, but mma does and I have a desire to promote the sport anyway I can, its a reach but if you guys make more money playing poker, or lose less then you can spend more money on mma. (Geez I went off base that far and I am not even high!)

Also don't ask me qustions about seven card stud, I just don't play it.

P.s. I will listen to badbeats only after 5$ has been depoited in my neteller account.

I am also wrecker on pokerstars if you guys ever want to say whats up?

Whats up, Im having a game in Costa mesa on the 3rd of April if your interested.

I will be in vegas then, but thanks anyway.

What are you guys playing?

What stakes?

So you guys just want to tell badbeat stories or do you want to learn some things you won't find in the books?

My specialty is no limit holdem, but I have made a living from limit holdem and omaha, both limit and pot limit.

POKERGROUND, lets get it going and start making you guys better players.

Texas Hold em, atleast a 20 buy in. Im trying to get others to cough up more, heh.

I would play for fun once, maybe a once a year big buy-in tourney or something?

I'll start off:

Wrekker, what's your opinion on small suited connectors in a limit game?

That is a good question, they can fluctuate from being profitably to eating away you money.

You need multi way action, and i mean 5 way action preferably 4 way is ok if the players involved will pay you off in later streets.

I like them in loose low limit games:

You either flop the draw and the skill here is whether to build the pot, (depending on the quality of the draw and you position) or you pull people in by calling this also has to do with postion and strength of the draw.

Or you completely miss and lose just the preflop bets, easy on the mind and the chip stack.

The tricky part comes when you hit just a pair, or a weak draw like a gutshot, then you better do the math and figure is it worth it to continue,

GAME CONDITIONS are the most important factor on if you play these or not.

If the game is loose with 5 way action or better its ok to limp in with that 8-10 of spades.

If the game is tighter with more preflop aggresion then it better hit the muck.

These hands can be tricky so be honmest with yourself
how strong ytour poker skills are also have alot to do with how many of these hands you play.

I loved them in low limit games.

Also 2 gappers suck and should be mucked in most circumstances.

Thanks, Wreckker!

Who wants to know?

Hi wreckker, thanks for posting your story.

I play primarily $15/$30 SH online. I tend to do well once there are 4-6 players. However, I tend to get bullied by aggressive players Heads-up or in 3 man.

Especially in situations like this:

I have AQ, I raise in 3man from button. SB folds, BB calls.

Rags flop, like 972, I'll bet, BB calls, rag on turn again. Do I bet, check-fold, check-call, check-raise? I may bet the turn, but what if he calls again.

I hate to bet all the way with Ace high to lose to top pair on flop.

So what can I watch for to not get bullied by the aggressive player? Should I reraise preflop? Should I call down more?

Great question!

Answer you should do ALL OF THE ABOVE!

You really need to know your player here, if he chases over cards then you may still have best hand bet again.

Does he check raise on the turn with a hand or semi-bluff? you may be more likely to check and occasionally pay him off with ace high when board pairs on end or no draw is made. Do not become a calling machine but show the fact that you are not easy to bluff.

If they are raising like crazy adjust even more so. three bet them with medium hands you normally would not, making that extra raise preflop can save you a full bet on the turn or get more money in there when you have the best of it.

There are more ways to combat the super aggresive shorthanded player, truth is smart super aggresion is the way to go.

Thanks for the advice.