Q about Adam Clayton from U2

This sounds kinda bad but I just recently (in the past couple of weeks)
"discovered" U2 and found that I like their music. I had never paid any
attention to the band in previous years but a friend lent me their Live
from Slane Castle concert DVD and told me "just watch it, it's good". So
I did, and I fckn love it.

I was looking up info about the band members on the net, and found
that a number of people refer to the bass player Adam Clayton as a
well respected, very good bass player. Maybe I haven't listened to the
breadth of U2's repertoire but what I've heard so far the basslines
sound quite straightforward and playable. I don't doubt that he
rockedd the crowd in the concert as a bassist but what makes him
stand out over a lot of other bass players?

Something completely irrelevant: I bumped into Bono a number of
years ago when U2 was touring Australia, I was first in line riverside to
hire a small motorboat for a couple of hours (Melbourne has the
infamous Yarra River running through the city, going past a fabulously
expensive area with expensive restaurants and fashion stores), and
suddenly there was a ruckus as Bono came out of one of those
expensive restaurants with a chick. They both decided they wanted to
hire a boat for a couple of hours as well, so of course he was given the
privilege to jump the queue, he smiled and said "hey man" to me and
my friend as he walked past. Anyway after Bono got his boat, the next
boat came in and my friend and I got it. We ended up going past Bono
a couple of times, he was being very outgoing an extrovert, standing
up on the boat and waving and yelling to us and the general public
along the riverside. I don't think many people knew, or could see who
he was but it was a shitload of fun anyway.

Great story!

I think Adam Clayton is a solid bass player who just happens to play for U2, bumping up his prestige a few notches.

Rock and Roll is big on idolatry.

Adam Clayton is solid....But the 4 of them are about as solid a
band as it gets. start with the first album and discover them from
the ground up.

Yo,Beav.Speaking of Irish and Idolatry,did you receive your copy of RAW's "The New Inquisition"?

He is a very solid bass player who knows how to support The Edge's echo drenched thing.

He is also married to Naomi Campbell, which makes him something of a god in my book. ;)

Yes I did Magic, I'm still struggling to get through the first chapter though.Thats a heavy read!

Adam Clayton did not start out as a bass player though, he was
apparently a crap player when he first started playing with the
band. He was all self-taught till about 1994 when he took a year's
worth of lessons from elite bass teacher Patrick Pfeiffer in NY. I
still don't know what makes him such a great bassist. In terms of
idolatry, he is an idol amongst bassists from what I read from
bassplayer magazines and other bass players. So what's the deal??
I would understand people talking about Christian McBride, or
Victor Wooten etc.

Adam Clayton is not married to Naomi Campbell, they were
engaged for a while back during the 90s though..

Adam Clayton's amazing. One of my favorite bass players. It's his time. The guy's a machine. Forget that 1994 stat. He's been a machine since the beginning. Good time is one of the most important (if not THE most important) attributes of a bass player.

He's also got a really good musical chemistry with Larry Mullen (the drummer).

You should definitely watch Rattle & Hum. That movie changed my life.

Rattle & Hum RULEZ!

Seems quiet and introverted but that is just a disguise.